Question & Answer


Q: How do I join HCC?

A: Just show up to one of our upcoming rides!  Membership is free!


Q:  What is the difficulty level of the routes we ride?

A: Please refer to the tab Route Rating System, each ride will be rated on the difficulty level and can be found on each ride posting.  


Q: How do I go about buying an HCC kit?

A: Please contact us to inquire about HCC kit reorders at  herculescyclingclub@gmail.com


Q:  How do I go about donating to the HCC Funds?

A:  Our membership is free, but if you would like to donate to our HCC Funds as the club does incur costs from time to time, please use the Paypal link on our homepage at www.herculescyclingclub.net located on the right hand side under the “Support HCC” tab.  Many thanks in advance!


Q:  How do I go about introducing a new route I love to the group?

A:  Please contact us at  herculescyclingclub@gmail.com to share your favorite routes!