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Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 03/26/2016 – Dynamite A / B Group Ride

Ride Recap by Joey aka Joe Bro For those that don’t know me, I’m Joey. I have terrible bike handling skills and tend to make friends with the pavement more often than I’d like to. In addition to that my laundry days are usually off that I don’t show up on the rides wearing the […]

Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 03/19/2016 Arlington – Wildcat – Bears Loop

What’s up HCC! We had an awesome ride this past Saturday climbing through the Berkeley Hills.    We have the club ride led by Chris B. and the Nifty Fifty Training ride led by Andy M. Needless to say, the HCC colors was flown by two ride groups that day, well represented on some steep […]

Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 02/27/2016 – Dynamite A / B Ride

Ride recap by Christopher Bunag This past Saturday, we had are monthly Dynamite A/B group ride. It was beautiful day for a ride, being that it’s still technically winter, we’ll take it!! The group of usual suspects met at our usual meeting spot the Hercules Starbucks with a new rider joining us Rosendo, welcome to […]

Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 02/20/2016 – Carquinez Scenic – Franklin Canyon Loop

What’s up HCC, We had a good ride this past Saturday.  There was a handful of us that showed up at the Starbucks Hercules parking lot in the morning.  A handful of guys went on to train for the Nifty Fifty led by Andy, their group planned to tackle some major climbing while the B2B […]

Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 02/13/2016 – Reliez Valley Rd to Lafayette with some Walls

What’s up HCC! We had another fantastic route this past Saturday, Thanks to Andy M. for including some  really fun walls for us to climb!  We had one new guy joining us, Ben’s friend, Jeff , welcome to HCC! The morning started out cool with the sun beaming down delightful sun rays. The guys trickled […]

Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride 02/06/2016 – Moraga – Pinehurst – Grizzly Peak

Ride recap by Sgt at Arms: Joey aka JOE BRO What’s up HCC! We couldn’t wish for better weather this past Saturday for riding, being its still the middle of winter. With a forecast high of 17° we had a huge turn out today! Rolling out from our usual star at Starbucks the group kept […]

Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride 01/30/2016 – Dynamite A/B Ride

Ride Recap by Arnold T. Photo contributions by Stephen, Ken, Andy and Arnold.   Last October, I wrote a story about my Fat Bike experience in the Philippines. Andy expressed, (after reading the story), that I should feel free to write up a recap on one of our group rides. I told him, “Will do […]

Ride Recap – HCC Sunday Ride – 01/24/2016 – Bridge to Bridge – Carquinez Scenic Loop

What’s up HCC! We were more than happy to be on the road this past Sunday morning.  A ride that was originally scheduled for Saturday of course and moved to Sunday due to the weather conditions.  The morning started out overcast and a bit cold as riders trickled in the parking lot of Starbucks Hercules. […]

Ride Recap – HCC MTB Ride – 01/10/2016 – Joaquin Miller Park

JMP Ride Recap… Straight from the mind of a Derelict HCC Durty Rider… Its 5:30AM Buzz buzz buzz! Wake up! Is it time? Nope, 1 more hour… 6:30AM Wake up and get ready… Cococoooooldddd!!! Dhang, too early and COOOLD for this! Les Go!!!! Ahh… New Frame!!! Excited! Les go! Les go! Lets go!!! Just barely […]

Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 01/02/2016 – Hercules to Danville & Back

What’ up HCC! It was another cold one for a club ride for the 2nd day of 2016.  There was five of us to start at Starbucks Hercules.  Jonah, Glenn, Mayo, Ken, and Efren.  Efren is visiting from Socal, he rides down there with Adobo Velo.  Welcome to HCC Efren, we hope you enjoyed the […]

Ride Recap: HCC New Years Day Ride – Friday – 01/01/2016 – Heather Farms to Mt. Diablo

Happy New Year HCC! 9 riders braved the -1ºC weather this morning to enjoy our annual ride up East Bay’s own Mt. Diablo to ring in 2016. Everyone started filtering in the Heather Farm’s parking lot slightly after 0800 with some still showing signs of intoxication from the night before and contemplated exiting their climate […]

Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 12/26/2015 – Dynamite A / B Group Ride

What’s up HCC! Our last Road ride for 2015 was indeed epic for this freezing cold Dynamite A / B Group Ride.  The morning started out absolutely freezing with everyone geared up from head to toe except for Luke, who opt out on leg warmers and sport the fur.  Welcome to HCC Jeff, we hope […]