HCC Ride for Pete Sake – Saturday – 7/28/2018 – Bull Valley Staging Area Out & Back

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Rest in peace Christopher Bunag.

We are remembering our brother, Christopher Bunag who was fatally struck on his bike during a solo weekday ride.  A hit & run, thankfully to the swift and diligent actions of the CHP, the suspect has been apprehended.

Please join us on a short, casual pace ride as we share our fond memories of Chris, pete_sake007 on Instagram.

We plan to stop at the site where he was hit in Crockett to have a moment of silence, prayer before we continue on back to Hercules.

When: Saturday, July 28, 2018
Time: Meet at 7:30 am
Where: Refugio Valley Park – 1363 Refugio Valley Rd Hercules CA
Roll out at 8:10 am (staggered roll out) 8:10am for C/D riders 8:30am for B riders
Distance: 16.5 miles
Elevation: 1271 FT
Ride Rating: T/3DYN/16.5 (Refer to HCC Route Rating System on Strava or Facebook)
Notes: Venue after the ride TBD

HERE IS THE LINK OF THE ROUTE: Strava **Please print out the Cue Sheet if needed**

HCC on Strava

HCC on Facebook


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