Ride Recap: 09/03/2016 – Mama-Happy Valley-Reliez-Cummings Loop

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Hey HCC!

We had a nice climbing day to start out the month of September.  It was a short 40 mile ride with just over 3k feet of climbing.  We did the usual morning huddle exchanging pleasantries as we waited for people running behind schedule.

The sun was out and the wind was cool as we rolled out shortly after 8:00am.  There was 10 riders headed for Mama Bear at a moderate pace.  We had John joining us for the 2nd time and Mr. Joey making it all the way to the starting point!

We had the usual ride leaders in front, Joey, Mario, Kenny, and Jeff with the rest of the group closely following behind.  Joey went up the Mama like it was flat and charged up Happy Valley.  Climbing up Happy Valley was short and steep, but seasoned riders like Andy and Bochie spun beautifully up the unhappy grade.

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We continued onto Lafayette where we took a Coffee Break at mile 19, Noah’s Bagel / Peet’s Coffee.  We refuel and caught up on some chit chat for about 20 minutes before proceeding with the route.

After the break, we were greeted with a nice painful short climb up Deer Hill rd , Chris B led the charge, but Joey dropped the gear and spun it like he was just on his trainer doing podcasts and passed all of us like we were standing still.

We then took a left on Reliez Valley, this time we had Kenny leading the charge up the hill with Andy closely behind.  Kenny and Andy off their seats blew up the field as they gapped the rest of the group.

The group not really doing regroup continued on to Franklin Canyon where we took a short break on top to go over the game plan.  As we started to proceed with the route, Chris B.  sustained a flat tire on Cummings Skyway.

After the flat was fixed, we got going on Cummings and descended down Crocket Blvd which is a fast sweeping descent!

We then proceeded to Vista Del Rio aka “Mini Zonc”  Jeff and Mario led the charge up the hill, John didn’t have enough gears and ended up walking a portion of the steep section, he said “I need to buy new gears”.  Most of us, I’m sure that thought crossed our minds as we climb this short and sweet little bump.  But everyone got up and down just fine to get back to Hercules safely.

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This has been an approved ride by Sgt. at Arms, Joey, above giving the ride a thumbs up!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!  Next week, we have the bridge to bridge ride!  We hope to see you all then.  Have a great short week!

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