Thank You!

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What’s up HCC!

I would like to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate with us for our 3rd year anniversary as a club. It was great to meet everyone’s family! We also thank everyone’s family for allowing you all to continue doing bike adventures with HCC!
Thanks to Christopher, Ronald, Mario , and Roger for helping set up in the morning. Appreciate it fellas!
Thanks to our Treasurer, Emman aka Bochie for buying most of the supplies.
It was a great turnout with awesome, food, drinks, and company. Hats off to our Master Chefs Michael and Mario, and Grill Master Roger and Diego. Y’all cooked up some amazing food!
It’s been another good year of riding for us, despite being rained out a few times during the winter time. We appreciate all our HCC members that take a good chunk of their morning on the weekend to come out and enjoy a few hours on the saddle with us. Thanks to all our club officers for your efforts from leading and sweeping during the rides to maintaining a positive culture and environment.
A shout out again to our Road Ride Coordinator Andy, who religously finds great routes that are fun and challenging for us to do and enjoy.
We have 4 months remaining this year, and I’m sure we have some epic rides coming up as we get close to the colder months! We look forward to seeing you all on our upcoming club rides. Again, thanks everyone!

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