Ride Recap: HCC Dynamite A/B Ride 08/20/2016

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DyNoMite! HCC!!

We had a great dynamite ride this past Saturday with some explosive performance from some of our guys in segments that make it fun and exciting for all us!

We have Bradley joining on the ride today, proudly wearing his new HCC jersey.  Great to have you on the ride Bradley and we hope to see you on the next club rides!  We also had Mr Kenny Leduc not only joining us on the ride, but also delivering our Skratch nutrition order, thanks again Kenny, we appreciate it!  Please visit www.norcalspinners.com for all your cycling needs!

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Like most summer mornings in Norcal, the day started out overcast and cool.  There was 9 of us that rolled out of Refugio Valley Park at approximately 8:10am.  Everyone started out with a nice and easy pace rolling through Rodeo.  We had Mario leading the way up Cummings Skyway with Bradley and Brian following behind.   We met up Mr Youtube, Joey aka Joe Bro at the top of Franklin Canyon, where we did a short regroup.

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Coming down Franklin was fast and furious.  Mario and I led the charge down this road as we switched up in the front and blaze down to Alhambra.  The others were not far behind as they speeded through this segment as well.

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The group rolled through Alhambra Valley headed for the Pig Farm hill.  I stayed in the back of the pack, but if I was to guess it was Joey and Mario in the front with the rest of the gang not far behind.  The group kept a conversational pace.  Chris B. and I stayed in the back and took it nice and easy.  On this Dynamite ride, the first thing you think about once you get close to the Pig Farm Hill is, “darn, we still have the bears after this” lol, I’m pretty sure this crosses everyones mind at that point of the route.  But anyhow, all is well after you climb the hill and you tell yourself, “its not so bad, not bad at all”.

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The group then proceeded to do the bears.  It was nice and sunny at this point, but the cool breeze kept the temperature mild.

After we took a nice 15 minute break at bear creek and SPDR, we parted ways with Joe Bro as he headed for Walnut Creek and the group back to Hercules.

We had a nice formation to start at SPDR, Mario and I were riding side by side, then he turns and tells me “I’ll go in front” and once he got in front, I hear Kenny in the back “Chooo! Choo!” to signal and start the “pain train”!  It was a nice explosive pace down SPDR, with Kenny taking the sprint finish to Castro Ranch!  Nice work Kenny!

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After the regroup at Castro Ranch, we headed for East Bay Coffee!  The group enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, bagel, and some snacks while catching up with each other.  It was nice pit stop at the end of the ride as always.

Next week, we have a short 31 mile ride, the Miner Rd Short Loop!  We also have HCC’s 3rd Anniversary Potluck BBQ!  We hope y’all can make it!!  See you guys then!



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