Ride Recap: Marin Century 2016

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What’s up HCC!

We had a fantastic time riding in the Marin Century this past Saturday.  There was about a dozen of us HCC members doing either the metric century, traditional, or the double.  It was still dark outside as riders trickled into the parking lot of the Marin Fairgrounds at 10 Avenue of the Flags in San Rafael.

We had a few early birds who started while it was still dark, Darren, Bochie, and Arnold rolled out before 6am.  Darren was doing the 200k and wanted to make sure he got back at a good time. Bochie and Arnold started early so they can take it nice and easy the whole way and take their time and still get back at a decent time.

I pulled into the parking lot and I was spotted easily by Steve who got there at the same time, 5:40am. We then saw Andy, Rena, and Litto, pulling up after a few minutes.   Steve and I  headed over to the Start line to get our bags checked and get situated.

We saw Ronald D. and Jeff W. getting their registration straightened out.  We also had Litto, “the young one” who had a problem with his bike, he was able to get it sorted out and drafted off some fast riders to meet up Andy and Rena at the 1st rest stop.   Andy also reported seeing Mario flying over “the big rock” going super fast!!

We also had Mr Max Noda joining us!  Great to see and ride with you sir!  It was a total surprise as I saw another rider in an HCC kit, last time Max rode with us was close to a year ago.  Definitely great catching up with you sir!

There was 8 of us at the start line at 6:40am, took a quick group shot and went on our way to cross the start line and start the epic journey.

We had Chris B., Brian, Steve, Max, Chris A. and Myself doing the traditional route, except for Chris A. who did the 200K.   It was overcast and mildly cool which really helped out in keeping us fresh.  Our group rolled out nice and easy to a comfortable 15mph average pace.  After the climb to “the big rock” it was a nice descent down the hill.  Max and Chris A. went ahead after that segment to go at their own pace and timing.

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Steve, Chris B., Brian, and I stayed intact to proceed with the route. We kept a nice mild pace, groups would come zooming by and it was definitely tempting to go at a faster pace, but we all kept it pretty disciplined and maintained our Zone 2 pace.

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As we came to the 2nd stop, we saw Max and Chris A for a hot second as they were on their way out as we were getting in.  We loaded up on some nutrition.  We absolutely love the spread, aussie bites, brownie bites, fruits, cookies, granola bars, cliff bars, cliff bloks, Red Bulls, Harmless Coconut Water, and the list goes on!  We all drank a can of Red Bull to replenish our Taurine levels and B vitamins.

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We proceeded with the route headed for the 3rd stop.  The segments included mostly rolling hills and a few short steep sections, but nothing scary.  A couple of miles before we got to the 3rd stop, we caught up with Bochie and Arnold who looks like they are still fresh!  Arnold of course, always seems like he just drank 10 Red Bulls, he is just naturally excited about everything.

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We got to the 3rd stop and saw James T, Jeff W, and Wilbur from Agila.  We again refueled on some nice food offerings and drank a can of Red Bull to wash it all down!

We then proceeded to head towards the Marshall Wall.  It was nice and overcast until we started to climb the wall.  The climb wasn’t that hard, but at this point of the ride, we really needed to pace ourselves.  The descent down was a different story, I actually liked the climb better, as you can really go dangerously fast on that descent.

The 4th stop was at the bottom of the hill. At this point, I can’t drink anymore Red Bull and drank an orange flavored Sanpellegrino and consumed some high sugar treats.

After the 4th stop, the way back to the finish was rolling hills and a nice short climb back up “the big rock” and descend down back to San Rafael.

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I got to the finish line at 2:36pm and as I entered the expo, saw Max already eating his dessert, a haagen dazs bar.  The rest of the guys trickled in shortly as we enjoyed the post ride meal and beer.  The post ride meal is freaking awesome!  They had salad, pizza, ribs, chicken, beans, buttered corn, burritos, gelato, haagen dazs, beer, and assorted beverages.  I love this ride!  We then shared stories of ass cramps, fatigue, and other bodily pain we endured on the last 25 miles before the finish.

Congratulations to all the finishers!!  It was great riding with you all.  Thanks to Andy M. for coordinating the proper routes to get us prepared for this century!  I actually think the Marin routes we did was more difficult!  lol.

This coming Saturday, we are going to take it easy with our Bridge to Bridge ride!  Hope y’all can make it!





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