Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 07/16/2016 – Gran Fondo Marshall Loop


What’s up HCC!

We had an epic grand fondo this past Saturday climbing up the “Marshall Wall”, Highway 1 to Stinson and up Panoramic that totaled 80 miles and 5800 ft of climbing.  Thanks again to Andy for adding this route to get our members prepared to take on the Marin Century coming up on the first week of August!

The morning started out cool, overcast, and a little misty as we met up at Mt Tamalpais High School.  The roll out was supposed to be at 7:30am, but, we ended up leaving the parking lot closer to 8am.  There was 15 of us that rolled out at approximately 7:55am, Brian H. was running a little late, so he ended up meeting us on the route.

The group started out with a nice and easy pace.  We had Joey, Mario, and Roger in the front to lead the charge.  Ben and Bob’s friend, Jepoy had a mechanical issue early on the ride and the three decided to bow out since they all rode together in the same car.  Sorry y’all missed out, but we hope Jepoy’s bike got fixed!

We took a short bathroom break in Fairfax before continuing with the route.  The group didn’t stay intact as, Joey, Mario, and Roger was on the A pace and the rest of the group broke up in smaller groups with the pace they are comfortable with.  I was riding with Israel, a friend of Mayo through Nicasio Valley to our first stop on Mile 19 where we met up Mario and Roger.  Joey proceeded with the route and will not be seen for the rest of the ride.  Good seeing you for a hot second Joey!

Brian on the chase, nearly missed us as Roger showcased his vocal pipes and hollered at Brian as he was speeding through and almost missed the regroup point.

The group then headed for the city of Marshall.  While most of us climbed the Marshall Wall and had a great lunch at the Marshall store with great sandwiches, clam chowder, ginger beer, and fantastic weather and views, a few riders, Mayo, Bochie, and Ronald got separated on Nicasio Valley and took the wrong turn that led them to Olema.  They had to back track a bit to meet us along highway 1.


Highway 1 heading for Stinson was a bit of a challenge as we got pounded and pummeled with strong headwinds going through the rolling hills.  Mario, Arnel, and I did 1 minute pulls going at a moderate pace all the way to Stinson that helped out a lot in keeping us fatigued.

Once we got to Stinson, Mario quickly grabbed a Coke from the store and a Red Bull for me (thanks Mario!) to give us the sugar and caffeine rush and help us with the last big climb on Panoramic.

Since Stinson was overcast and cold, most of us didn’t want to get cold and stiff, so it was a quick break and we headed up the mountain.  Panoramic is not a hard climb, but when you have a big climb at the end of a fondo, its tough!

The climb was rewarded with not only majestic views of the coast but also a thrilling descent back down to Mt Tam High School.

I’m happy to report that everyone made it back safely!  Thanks again to all that came out to ride!  Good to see James Tolosa and Arnel back in the mix!  Also welcome Israel to HCC!  We hope you enjoyed the ride!  We look forward to riding with you again soon.

Next weekend, we have another challenging ride to conclude our training efforts for the Marin Century.  We have Hercules to Mt. Diablo and back which is an 82 mile ride and 6600 ft of climbing.  So get your visa approved and honey do list done because its going to be an epic day.  We hope y’all can make it!

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