Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 07/09/2016 – Franklin Canyon Rd – Alhambra Ave – Orinda – Redwood Rd – GP – Dam Rd

What’s up HCC!

We had an epic 68 mile ride with 5000 ft of climbing touring the hills of the east bay! Thanks again to our Ride Coordinator, Andy for an awesome and challenging route to get the club ready for the upcoming century ride in August!

The morning started out nice and sunny with no clouds in sight! We trickled into the parking lot of the new meet up point, Refugio Valley Park by 8am. There was 9 of us that rolled out of the park by approximately 8:10am.

The group rolled through Hercules to Rodeo at a nice and easy pace. We took Willow down to Parker through Rodeo where we met up Sgt. at Arms, Joey who already logged in a good amount of miles coming from Walnut Creek.

The group continued at a moderate pace up coming Cummings Skyway. Joey led the charge, followed by Mario and I and the rest of the group behind.

We met up Steve and Brian at the bottom of Franklin Canyon where we did a short regroup before proceeding onto Alhambra.

Once we got to Taylor, everyone went on their own pace up the moderate grade. Mario and Ken did it with ease enjoying a conversation to pass the time on the climb.

We then went onto Mt Diablo Blvd going through Lafayette, since the group was not intact, we decided to stop at a Gas Station to regroup.

The group then headed for Acalanes and down to Orinda to hop on the Camino Pablo to make our first pit stop at one of our fave spots SiSi Cafe. The guys treated themselves to a hot beverage or a cold ice coffee. Andy got a cup of hot dark chocolate, it looked really good, be sure to try it when at SiSi Cafe!


After a nice 30 minute break, the group proceeded to climb Redwood and onto Skyline and Grizzly Peak to meet back at the steam trains. Everyone did really well on these climbs even Bochie who hasn’t ridden in 2 weeks! Nice job Bochie!

We did a quick refill of water and headed for a blistering descent down South Park! That descent will wear out your brake pads fast! It was then followed by a fast thrilling technical descent at Wildcat to regroup at SPDR.

The group then parted ways, as Andy took half the group to 2 miles down the road to Geppetto’s for really good deli sandwiches while the other half headed back to Hercules!

We are happy to report that everyone got back home safe! We are blessed with beautiful weather and no mechanical or flat tire issue. It was another great riding in Northern California! Thanks again to everyone that came out to ride!

We would like to thank all our club members for your cameraderie that continue to maintain a fun culture in our club! We are very lucky to have such a great group of people in our club!

Next week, we have another epic ride coming up next Saturday in Marin, the Marshall Fondo!! Hope y’all can make it. Don’t miss out!

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