Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 04/23/2016 – Sunol and Collier Canyon Loop, AKA Bakery Ride


Ride Recap by Joey

“Bakery Ride, what’s that?” I asked James as all of us rolled out of Peet’s in Danville ahead of the HOP ride. James explained, its an established route that starts out here at Peet’s and passes a number of bakeries. I’m thinking, pain au chocolate, jésuite or maybe a bichon au citron, but he was quick to correct me saying that the normal ride isn’t a leisurely stroll but a hammerfest similar to the HOP. It’s a hope you brought a map because you’ll be dropped kind of ride.

But this being HCC, we’d have none of that, we’re all in this together. Pimp down, pimp down and we all stop.

Don’t believe we got as far as the first corner when Andy was the first to call out pimp down. His Garmin let him know his Stages powermeter’s batter was low. He quickly estimated that he had enough juice for the ride so the group continued on.



A few minutes later Wina suffered from a dropped chain but Arnel swooped in like the knight in shining armor he is and quickly fixed the mechanical and paced her back to the group.

The group kept it under 2W/kg on San Ramon Blvd while we caught up with each other. But as soon the San Ramon Blvd changed over to Foothill Rd, James showed us the results of all his training and started turning it up into the high 3W/kg breaking free of the rest of us.

Thankfully, a trailhead up head with facilities allowed us all to regroup. During this time, James let Chris and Brian know there was a liquor store at Sunol and that we should get some malt liquor while we wait for the rest of the group to finish. There wasn’t much of a debate after that and it was a mad sprint to the store.

Once the rest of the group caught up we made a group photo with the major and continued on Sunol Blvd towards Vineyard Ave. It was at this point we heard Andy yell at us from the back telling us to continue across the intersection instead of making a left on Isabel Ave as their was a planned stopped at one of the more popular Harbucks in Pleasanton. Unfortunately, Arnel and Wina were gassing it pretty hard up front that they didn’t hear the call that they continued on with the route smashing it like they were turnt up! (H/T Glenn)

At Harbucks we took our drinks and made ourselves comfortable in the outdoor seating area talking about different types of workouts we would do during the week, if Force Awakens really is any good (it’s not Chris), why Termie was holding an extra set of shoes and testing out each others bike.

Once done, we got back on our bikes and headed on out to the 2nd part of the ride on the quite back road of Coller Canyon. With the road fairly quiet, James used this opportunity to stretch out his legs putting a sizable gap on the group. It was also at this point where Chris decided to also join in as well. After the short regroup at the corner of Highland Rd and Camino Tassajara, James and Chris continued their #wattagebazooka showdown all the way back to Peet’s in Danville.

Those guys…

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