Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 03/26/2016 – Dynamite A / B Group Ride

Ride Recap by Joey aka Joe Bro

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For those that don’t know me, I’m Joey. I have terrible bike handling skills and tend to make friends with the pavement more often than I’d like to. In addition to that my laundry days are usually off that I don’t show up on the rides wearing the right kit and also I’m chronically late. What better example of this latter trait than this past Saturday’s HCC Dynamite Ride.

On Friday night I thought, since its been a long while since I actually started off with the group that I’d start at Starbucks instead of meeting the group somewhere along the way. I have a few ways to getting to Starbucks from where I live and decided to take the most direct route, which is through Pig Farm so yes, I’d be riding up Pig Farm a total of 3 times on Saturday, the last being going up the back side and boy do I despise that back side. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Saturday morning rolls in and I wake up already late, rather than changing my plans, I continue forward and one would figure that I would increase the pace to make it on time but since this being a Dynamite ride, I didn’t want to burn out before I even got to start the ride so I kept the pace really mellow for the trip to Starbucks.

This, plus my overall issue with time proved to be my downfall as when I reached Starbucks not a single HCC jersey in site. Could the ride been canceled due to sun? A quick page over on my Garmin showed I was 15 minutes late. At that point I figured I’d just ride the course solo so I continued onwards towards Rodeo and up the skyway (I know it’s full name but I have a very immature mind and just giggle at the name).

With a minimum 15 minute gap and a nature break, I decided to be the F group and keep the same mellow pacing and just chill. As I reached the lights at the intersection of Crockett Blvd I could make out 2 cyclist about 750m or so in front. A 2nd glance I was able to make out one of them with a black HCC jersey but the 2nd one wasn’t familiar as it was a sort of Hi-Viz Green. As I drew closer I noticed it was Stephan in the standard black jersey and Mr. Argyle himself Chris B rocking the new Spring/Summer HCC green jersey.

I mentioned that I was late and Chris confessed the same as well so we had no idea who was riding today. While Chris and I were talking about the various events coming up, Stephan made off like Nibali down the skyway. As we made the turn onto Franklin we saw the rest of the group hanging out and waiting for us slackers.

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Angel and Rodger took off down Franklin with Andy, Richard, Boochie, and Stephan chasing them like a pack of hounds! However, Rodger and Angel were able to keep the hounds at bay and kept the lead all the way till Alhambra. Sorry Strava’s, but your FlyBy is just wrong. Chris and myself decided to take a more leisurely stroll down Franklin.

As we made our way onto Alhambra the group settled in with Rodger up front and the rest of the group just happy to be out on a sunny Saturday morning. Rodger had mentioned that he hadn’t been on the bike much and may fall back on Pig Farm but I think he was trying to sandbag the group as he posted a PR on the climb.

We regrouped at Bear Creek where we talked a bit about gear and the missing stripes on the new green casquette but Andy was quick to throw our fearless leader Jonah under the buss on that misstep then we were off again where the group splintered into small groups taking Three Bears at their own pace.

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Andy and I road together and we talked more about gear like Wahoo’s new GPS cyclometer the ELEMNT and him finally going all Nigel Tufnel with his gruppo as well has his impressions between the older Shimano Di2 Dura-Ace and his newer Ui2 Ultegra. For those that haven’t figured it out by now, we are gear heads.

Rodger and Angel were the first to reach SPDR but this is where my story ends with the group. I imagined they road in a very respectable manor on SPDR, observing all posted speed limits, waving to other cyclist and calling out all road hazards. As I mentioned at the start, I’d be riding Pig Farm three times and the third time would be from the backside because I live on the other side.

So after some long embraces with the group and tearful goodbyes, I turned around and headed back on the bears and up Pig Farm back home to some soy sauce chicken.

For those not subjecting themselves to the pain that is called the Nifty Ten Fifty we have a great route planned so hope you can join us.

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