Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 03/19/2016 Arlington – Wildcat – Bears Loop


What’s up HCC!

We had an awesome ride this past Saturday climbing through the Berkeley Hills.    We have the club ride led by Chris B. and the Nifty Fifty Training ride led by Andy M. Needless to say, the HCC colors was flown by two ride groups that day, well represented on some steep hills in the East Bay.  Thanks again to everyone that was able to come out and ride!

We had a great group of 6 riders total for the club route with Jonah, Chris, Mario, Ken, Brian and Richard rolling out of Starbucks Hercules shortly after 8am.  As we headed for Arlington through Pinole, we saw Bochie geared up for the ride, but he told us to proceed without him as he was waiting for fellow HCC, Dong who was coming from an early morning shift from work.


The pace was relaxed and moderate at times as we want to save our energy for the climbs ahead.  The first steep little bump was Sarah Dr.  going up to Appian, always a joy and a great warm up.     Ken sustained a flat tire right before we turned on Valley View, which was not a problem, quick fix in less than 10 minutes.


The climb through Hillcrest, Arlington and Los Angeles to Spruce was all the fun, always nice to see your BPM shoot up to 200+ on the Garmin!  As fun as the climbs, descending down Wildcat is always fun, although there was a lot of wet spots along the segment, most of us took it easy.


We did a Short Group at Bear Creek and SPDR before tackling the Three Bears.  Mario, the beast that he is, hammered it up the Bears with ease with the rest of us far behind.  Nice job Mario!

After a short regroup at Alhambra Valley, and got some compliments from a couple of fellow cyclists on how nice are kits are.  We headed for Hercules and happy report all go back safely.

We have the Dynamite ride coming up this weekend.  I hope y’all can make it!  See you guys then!


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