Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 02/27/2016 – Dynamite A / B Ride


Ride recap by Christopher Bunag

This past Saturday, we had are monthly Dynamite A/B group ride. It was beautiful day for a ride, being that it’s still technically winter, we’ll take it!! The group of usual suspects met at our usual meeting spot the Hercules Starbucks with a new rider joining us Rosendo, welcome to the HCC!

We took the customary group photo before the ride and we were off on are way with Glenn the Flamingo leading the way and Mario, Francisco, Brian and the Hammer aka Roger hot on his heels. The lead group would make quick work of the Cummings Skyway climb, while the B group took a more leisurely pace.

We regrouped at the top of Franklin Canyon for a quick snack and some joking banter. Glenn the Flamingo would take his leave of us as he had baby daddy duties to attend too. As we took off down the always fun Franklin Canyon, we had an unfortunate incident, Superior Mario would hit some road debris and suffer a double flat. Luckily we had Rosendo on the ride, as he had an awesome hand pump that made quick work of the flats.

Once we were back on the road, the group set a blistering pace on Franklin Canyon rd. as we were determine to make up for lost time. From there we set a nice pace through Alhambra Valley rd to the Pig Farm climb, then onto Bear Creek Rd.

With a quick regroup, at Bear Creek rd. It was on to the mighty Three Bears climbs. As we got to the top Mama Bear, Mario would suffer another flat. After quickly replacing the tube, and under the gun time wise, since some up the group had time sensitive visa’s for the ride, the group reluctantly continued on with Mario pushing us to finish the route. Which he said we would thank him for when we finished.

As we got done with the second climb up Papa Bear, Mario again would suffer his final flat! Fresh out of tubes, Mario would sadly have to SAG out with a lift back home. The group continued on and made quick work of the Baby bear climb.

With one last regroup at SPDR and Bear Creek rd. The group pushed through the always fun SPDR with Roger, Francisco and Brian leading the way home! Happy to report everyone made it back on time with there Visa’s set to expire. It was a fun ride as usual despite some of the technical difficulties. Mario was right I was very thankful for finishing the route!! Thanks Mario!!! Next week we have the Danville out and back ride! Hopefully we won’t get rained out!



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