Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 02/20/2016 – Carquinez Scenic – Franklin Canyon Loop


What’s up HCC,

We had a good ride this past Saturday.  There was a handful of us that showed up at the Starbucks Hercules parking lot in the morning.  A handful of guys went on to train for the Nifty Fifty led by Andy, their group planned to tackle some major climbing while the B2B group, Bochie, Ken, and I went on to proceed with the ride.

Since there was only 3 of us, we decided to cut the ride short since we were all in a time crunch.  The route was originally the B2B and Carquinez Scenic route, but we instead went straight to the Carquinez Strait to come back via Franklin Canyon Rd.

We carried a mellow pace where we carried a conversation for most of the way.  The roads on the Carquinez Strait was still wet from the rain the day before, so we definitely took it easy.

The ride actually turned out to be substantial at 29 miles, we didn’t think it would amount to that, but a good workout indeed.  We were back safely to Hercules just past 10:30am.

Thanks again guys for coming out to ride.  Next week, we have the Dynamite ride!  Hope to see y’all then!

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