Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 02/13/2016 – Reliez Valley Rd to Lafayette with some Walls


What’s up HCC!

We had another fantastic route this past Saturday, Thanks to Andy M. for including some  really fun walls for us to climb!  We had one new guy joining us, Ben’s friend, Jeff , welcome to HCC!

The morning started out cool with the sun beaming down delightful sun rays. The guys trickled in the parking lot as we came to about 13 riders, a good turn out, rolling out at about 8:10 am headed for Reliez.

Since most of us has been off the saddle for a while, I thought we were all going to take it easy, but I was wrong.  Everyone seemed excited to be out with the sun and wind in their face and carried a good pace through Cummings Skyway.


We had a short regroup at Franklin Canyon where we found non other than Sgt at Arms, Joe Bro waiting for us. If you were a mile away, you can’t mistake the bright orange shoes!  While at the top of FC, we got word that Brian Hurley is on his way up on FC to meet the group.  We then proceeded down FC with Joey and Mario leading the charge.  We had a pretty good pace line going down, with Jonah, Roger, Ben, Bob, and Mayo in pursuit.

As we regrouped at the bottom of FC, Chris B.  and Joey veered off to a different route due to time constraints and Brian joined the group.  We proceeded to Reliez Valley as we met up Steve C. along the road.

At the half way point, we took a break at Noah’s Bagel / Peet’s in Lafayette.  Always a good time to catch up with everyone while enjoying a good ol’ cup of Joe and filling up on nutrition.

We then headed for the walls, the first one a mini wall, Deer Hill rd followed by a longer wall,  Knox to Silverwood segment.  Everyone didn’t know what to expect at Knox and Silverwood, but before even climbing the wall, Andy briefed us at the base on how the incline pitches were going to be.  Andy said, it’s about a 10% avg Gradient with some 17 to 20% + pitches mixed in.  As we started to climb, watching my Garmin, it started to go from 10% then 17%-19%-23%-25% and I lost track from there.  The good thing was, the climb was staggered, with nice 12% gradient breaks in between.  I’m happy to report that everyone did well on the climb.  Painful yet enjoyable.


On the way back, the usual SPDR fun pace line. With Mario and Roger spear headed the start of the pace line, we successfully did a full rotation with 7 or more guys on the line.  We kept it nice and steady till the last 200 meters when Mario launched an attack and broke away like a speed demon down the final stretch to Castro Ranch.


While at Castro Ranch, we got word that Bob sustained a flat tire at SPDR and Wildcat, he had a deep cut on his tires that needed a tire boot.  Thankfully someone stopped to help him.  Mayo, Ben, and Jeff waited for Bob at Castro Ranch while the rest of the group proceeded home.  We got word tho that Bob and the guys all made it back safe.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to ride! Next week, we have the B2B ride.  It’s a nice and easy ride, so please join us!  Hope to see y’all then.




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