Ride Recap – HCC Sunday Ride – 01/24/2016 – Bridge to Bridge – Carquinez Scenic Loop


What’s up HCC!

We were more than happy to be on the road this past Sunday morning.  A ride that was originally scheduled for Saturday of course and moved to Sunday due to the weather conditions.  The morning started out overcast and a bit cold as riders trickled in the parking lot of Starbucks Hercules.  We were very happy to see each other as its been a while since we last rode.  The group rolled out of the parking lot at approximately 8:12am.   There was 7 of us that rolled out of the parking lot and the plan was to meet Joey at Vista Point and Bob and Mayo at Benicia Park.  We all understood prior to rolling out that we are going to carry an easy pace throughout the ride since most of us has been off the saddle.


The group rolled by Vista Point with no Joey in sight?  But everyone agreed that this guy is a beast and there is no need to wait for him as he will catch up pretty easily.   The group continued on over the Carquinez Bridge headed for Benicia Park where we saw Bob and Mayo waiting for us.


We then headed over the Benicia Bridge and did a short pit stop at States Coffee where we enjoyed well crafted coffee and filled up on nutrition.  The weather was nice as we all sat outside to enjoy and catch up on conversation.  Since we all haven’t seen each other in a while due to the weather or being under the weather, there was plenty to catch up on.  Mr Sgt at Arms Joe Bro was able to meet us up at the coffee shop.  Good seeing you sir!



As we proceeded with the route, Joey took off headed home as the group headed for the Carquinez Scenic Strait.  We all took it nice and slow since a good part of the winding roads was wet.  We didn’t want to create another “Roger’s bend” and fortunately everyone rolled on through safely.


We got back to Starbucks Hercules in good time, just before 11:30 am.  All of us even stayed for a little bit to chit chat and jokes.  Speaking of jokes, Mr. Joke joke joke himself showed up, Arnold aka Termie.  He was suppose to ride that morning but wasn’t feeling well, but he missed us so much that he got on his bike as soon as he felt better to look for us on the road.  Indeed he was successful and found us.

It was a great ride overall.  Everyone kept saying “it feels good to be on the road again” and indeed it was.  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!  Great to see Andy back on the saddle and well.  We have the Dynamite Ride coming up this Saturday, hope y’all can make it!



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