Ride Recap: HCC New Years Day Ride – Friday – 01/01/2016 – Heather Farms to Mt. Diablo


Happy New Year HCC!

9 riders braved the -1ºC weather this morning to enjoy our annual ride up East Bay’s own Mt. Diablo to ring in 2016. Everyone started filtering in the Heather Farm’s parking lot slightly after 0800 with some still showing signs of intoxication from the night before and contemplated exiting their climate controlled cocoon.

At this point, Richard had a brilliant idea of incorporating heated handle bar and saddle on a bike with Archie patenting the idea. So look out soon for the HCC heated bar and saddle campaign on Kickstarter.

After having enough of standing around in the cold the group decided to roll out but not before making our traditional group photo before the start of every ride. Kenny was kind enough to ride all the way from home to help with the group photo before heading on back.

As we rolled out, Brian let the group know that this was the first time he had been to Diablo. As we all know, once you’ve gone up Diablo, it continues to call to you. Rodger can cosign to that!

With the weather still below freezing we kept a tight formation, not for any aero benefits but more to keep warm. As we rolled to Castle Rock the group was more than content to keep the huddled paced.

However, soon after the double dips the group quickly strung out with everyone riding at their own pace with Archie leading the pack up the north side of the mountain.

There was moderate vehicle traffic on the mountain today, however the signs posted warming drivers not to past bikes on blind corners seem to be working as cars kept a safe distance behind us and only passed when a clear view in front was possible.

01012016 2

Mild head winds and -2ºC at the summit along with snow/ice on the side of the road made the ride more of a mental challenge than anything.

On the way down, the wind and freezing temperatures made for a finger numbing experience. By this time, other clubs started to make their way up, like our buddies at BBC.

There’s nothing like climbing Mt. Diablo on the first day of the New Year to mark the start of you cycling calendar.

We have another great ride tomorrow out to Danville. Hope to see you guys then!

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