Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 12/26/2015 – Dynamite A / B Group Ride


What’s up HCC!

Our last Road ride for 2015 was indeed epic for this freezing cold Dynamite A / B Group Ride.  The morning started out absolutely freezing with everyone geared up from head to toe except for Luke, who opt out on leg warmers and sport the fur.  Welcome to HCC Jeff, we hope you had a great time riding with us for the first time.  Also welcome back to Kevin from the peninsula and Richard K. from Tanzania, the last time these two rode with us was about one year ago and just so happened they both joined back in the group ride at the same time.  Thanks to everyone who woke up that morning and forced themselves out of their warm beds to bundle up and hop on their bikes.  We hope y’all enjoyed the last Road ride for 2015!

Before I continue on to the recap, I would also like to thank all our Club Officers and Ride Leaders for their time and effort making our club rides enjoyable and safe.  Thanks to all our members for their continued support, participation and camaraderie in pursuit of health, fitness, and enjoyment of the sport!  It’s been a great year of cycling y’all, we are all fortunate enough to be alive and well to enjoy outdoors.

So back to the recap.  There was 11 riders that rolled out of the Starbucks in Hercules.  We started a bit late around 8:15 AM as riders greeted each other a Merry Christmas!  Right out of the gates, we’ve established that today, there was no one planning to do the A group.  So the group rolled out with a nice and comfortable pace to the regroup and meet up at the top of Franklin Canyon.

As we proceeded down Franklin Canyon with Stephen C. leading ahead, Mario pushed on to drop the hammer and start the pace line.  Kenny, Jonah, and Brian onboard the pain train.

The group took a quick regroup at the bottom of Franklin Canyon then proceeded with the route.  We carried an easy pace through Alhambra and up the Pig Farm.

We then took on the bears where we all kind of went our own pace.  It was still cold at this point where we still see ice on the road.  Fortunately everyone stayed safe.

We took a longer break at Bear Creek and SPDR, refilling on water at the near by school and snacking on some nutrition.  SPDR as fun as always, the group stayed intact for the most part.  Stephen was feeling the bonk so Jonah dropped back to help him push through the last leg of the route.

Through Castro Ranch and back to Hercules, we all made it back safe, the group ended the ride at East Bay coffee with some warm beverage to help thaw us out!

The next ride is New Years Day, Friday, the annual Mt Diablo climb!! from Heather Farms.  Hope to see y’all then!! Don’t miss out and start the year off strong!



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