Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride- 12/12/2015 – Arlington – Wildcat – SPDR Loop


Ride recap by Chris Bunag

It was a beautiful brisk Saturday morning for this past weekend’s HCC ride. We met at the usual meet up spot The Hercules Starbucks.

 It was a small group of 5 riders for this ride which would take us through some of the Richmond/Berkeley hills. We departed about 8:15am, it was a nice social pace through Hercules and Pinole. Then we hit our first tough climb which was Sarah dr. a small bump which I like to call my morning cup of coffee, because it’s a steep climb of 15%+ albeit a bit short.
 After the nice short climb the group was gifted nice fast descent through Pinole and El Sobrante. After rolling through a series of rolling hills it was on to our next tough climb the Arlington Wall which also averages in the 15%+ gradient, after a quick regroup at the top of the climb to snack on some energy bars. We were gifted with another fast descent through the Berkeley hills and the town of Kensington.
 From there it was on to Spruce st. which is a nice gradual climb that would take us to Tilden Park via Wildcat Canyon from there we would take another quick break to regroup where Mario would try to coerce the group to go up the mighty South Park drive.
 Ken who was running short on time, we decide not to go up South Park and continue on and finish the last leg of the ride descending Wildcat Canyon to SPDR.
 After a quick regroup at Bear Creek and SPDR, Mike, Mario, and I decided to slightly change the route and add some climbing by heading back to Hercules via Three Bears. Ken and Stephen decide head back the faster SPDR roller to Castro Ranch.
 Upon heading back through Three Bears Mario and I would give Mike a serenade of Happy Birthday during the climb up Papa bear as customary, when someone has a birthday during a HCC ride. After the Bears it was a quick ride back through Pinole, where we would regroup with Stephen at one of our favorite Coffee stops East Bay Coffee for a nice break.
 From there it was a easy ride back to the Starbucks parking lot to end the ride! Over all a great ride with, just the right amount of climbing and mileage. Thanks to all that came out!  Next week we have the the monthly bridge to bridge ride barring any rain!  Stay tuned!!
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