Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 12/05/2015 – Peninsula Ride


Ride Recap by Andy M.

We had six members brave the blistering cold and foggy morning (32 degrees at roll out) on our HCC Peninsula ride. During the first 30 minutes on Canada Road, we all chatted how our fingers felt like burning needles, but we were happy to start rolling to warm up.

James, our ride leader, showed us a segment to enter Kings Mountain Road from Huddart Park Road which was very nice and secluded. Kings is a popular benchmark climb of about 4 miles of climbing and 1600 ft of elevation.

When we hit Kings Mountain, we all kicked it up a notch to warm up with Mario and Jeff taking the lead and everyone doing a fine job climbing. We then proceeded onto Skyline Blvd which has no shoulder, but we all made it safely to the market. We then stopped for some refreshments at the Skywood Market at mile 19. We talked mostly about bike stuff including power meters, and watts and training. Before starting out again, Mario mentioned, “I gotta get me one of those power meters to up my game.” Watch out everyone.

We then proceeded to Portola Rd to climb Alpine road. Alpine is another scenic yet gentle climb which led to the wall called Joaquin Road.

Joaquin wall is a 0.3 mile climb with average gradient of 13% (13 ft vertical per 100 ft horizontal). It has some 23% pitches thrown in too. Some of us were saying Whoo-hoo! Others were saying OUCH. We all tackled it!

At mile 37 we decided it was a good time for some snacks and found a Starbucks on Alameda de Las Pulgas Road.
After a quick break we had 12 more miles to go. We hit Jefferson climb which is a 1.7 mile climb and 5% gradient and then it was mostly flat back on Canada Rd back to the car.

Everyone enjoyed the route and there were no mechanicals. It was great to see Jeff, James, and Wina and Arnel again! Thanks James! It was a solid workout with great company! Anytime you have almost 100 ft per mile on a route, you can count on getting a solid, fun workout.
Stats: 49 miles and 4500 feet of climbing.


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