Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 11/28/2015 – Dynamite A / B Group Ride


What’s up HCC!

It was another freezing cold Fall morning weather for the Dynamite A/B  ride.  There was 10 brave riders that rolled out of Hercules Starbucks.  Great to see Jaime and Glenn joining in! with Joey meeting us along the way by the Rodeo refinery.   These three led the way for the A group, turning up the pace on Cummings Skyway.

It was not only cold, but windy as well, we battled fierce headwinds on Cummings Skyway. It didn’t stop the Elite A group to hammer it out as they made a disappearing act,breaking away on the skyway.  Mario, Brian, and Jonah were trying to keep them in view, but were no match to the cold and headwind, bogging down our efforts.

We stopped shortly at the top of Franklin Canyon Rd to regroup as Ron and Michael caught up. But we wanted to keep moving so we proceeded quickly down Franklin Canyon.  It was cold and windy at the top of Franklin Canyon, so we started off with a moderate pace, but quickly became a blistering pace as the wind dissipated further down the road. It was a nice and fast train.  Brian led in the beginning with Mario, Jonah, Michael, and Ron sharing the rotation on the pulls.  It was a immensely fun barreling down Franklin with a sprint finish on the last 200 meters.

We then took a break at the middle school on Alhambra and regrouped with Andy, Chris, and Stephen.  We kept moving, keeping a steady pace headed for Bear creek.

Everyone did well on the three bears, we all kept a steady pace trying to stay warm and prevent the cold weather from bogging us down.

At Bear Creek and SPDR, as we were refueling on some nutrition, Adrian G. pulls up on his car.  He rode earlier in the morning and just saw us as he was driving by. Good to see you sir!

It was the usual story on SPDR. Fun fun fun! We had a nice pace line going with Jonah, Mario, and Ron trading pulls in the front.  On the last 400 meters, Mario barrels down SPDR with a blistering attack, passes Ron and Jonah as if they were spinning still. Ron, looks back to see if Jonah was going to bridge the gap, with no reaction from Jonah, Ron digs deep and pushes to successfully get back onto Mario’s wheel. Jonah reacts to catch the two leaders on the last 200 meters with a full on sprint, he passes them both, but Ron, Mr Cavendish sling shots from Mario’s wheel to take the sprint!  What a brilliant finish! Kudos to you Ron!  A little friendly competition always makes it fun!

After a short regroup at Castro Ranch, the group proceeded back to Hercules where some of the guys took a pit stop at East Bay Coffee for some hot refreshments.   Despite the freezing cold weather, we all had a blast!!  The cold weather makes the ride truly epic, it adds onto the suffering.  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!

Next week, we have a ride in the Peninsula led by Mr James Tolosa.  This is Kings Mountain and Alpine Rd. Hope y’all can make it! Please let us know if you can make it so we know who to wait for at the staging area.  Thanks!

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