Ride Recap – HCC Turkey Ride – 11/26/2015 – Pig Farm Reverse Loop


What’s up HCC!!

We have a dozen guys braving the freezing morning this past thanksgiving.  We were all bundled up, except for Brian H. who went with just arm warmers with a jersey, this guy is hardcore.  The group rolled out just past 8am headed for the Pig Farm’s back side.  We carried a moderate pace  going through Pinole Valley and onto Alhambra.

We found out earlier before the roll out that it was Rozel’s birthday.  The group agreed that a birthday song is in order once we start climbing up Pig Farm.  As we approached the climb, the group started singing “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…” and ended with Andy M. yelling out “attack!!”  lol always a great prelude to a climb.

We had Rozel leading the climb with Jonah right behind.  We don’t climb the back side of Pig Farm that often, but boy does the pain on the legs feel oh so good!  We were then rewarded with a freezing cold fast descent, we took caution coming down the hill as it was cold enough for black ice to develop on the road that morning.

The group carried a blistering pace on Alhambra.  We had Stephen C, Rozel, Ron M. and Mario leading the pace with Brian and the rest of us behind.


We did a short regroup at the bottom of Franklin Canyon, and wasted no time to continue with the route.  We had Mario and Rozel leading the way with the rest of us carrying a conversational pace.  We took a longer break at the top of Franklin Canyon, to Regroup, take pictures, and refuel on some nutrition.


On our way back to Hercules on Cummings Skyway, the group carried a blistering pace!  We had Stephen , Rozel, Ron M. and Jonah bombing down the skyway.  Once we got to Rodeo, we took it nice and easy all the way back to Starbucks.


I am happy to report that we all got back safe!   Rozel, the birthday boy treated us to coffee at Starbucks where the guys were able to catch up some more on conversation and laughter.  Thanks again Rozel and Happy Birthday!

We have the Dynamite ride this Saturday. It’s gonna be another cold morning, so gear up and let’s go!  Let’s burn all that good food we’ve been eating the past few days!  Hope to see y’all then!


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