Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 11/21/2015 – Bridge to Bridge – Carquinez Scenic Loop


What’s up HCC!

Another beautiful morning ride in Norcal.  It was a moderately cold morning as riders trickled in the parking lot.  We had coffee and bananas for everyone to enjoy with the early morning chit-chat.  There was a total of 16 riders rolling out of Hercules, 4 were new to the group.  Welcome to HCC Alberto, Angel, and Friends!  We hope y’all ride with us again soon!


The group rolled out at a late start of 8:30 am headed for the Carquinez Bridge.  There was a mild crash on the bridge as Angel lost his balance and crashed, taking down his friend behind him.  Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

The group proceeded on with the route rolling through Vallejo.  On Benicia Rd tho, Ward touched Alberto’s rear wheel and caused him to crash and crack his Cervelo R3’s rear chain-stay.  Master Mechanic Ronald M. tried to remedy the situation by turning it into a single speed, but the damage was too severe for Ward to continue with the ride, so he phoned for someone to pick him up while the rest of the group continued.

The group was a little spread out up until we regrouped at Benicia Bridge.  But the “bad juju” as Chris B would put it continued on as Mario sustained a flat tire at the end of the bridge.  But again, we had Ron M’s expertise to quickly get Mario back on the road.

We headed into downtown Martinez and onto our Coffee Shop stop at States Coffee.  The guys enjoyed craft coffee and delicious pastries or hydrated with electrolytes and refueled on nutrition.  It is here where we found out that our awesome Ride Coordinator, Andy M turned 50 2 days prior.  Everyone agreed that a happy birthday song on the next climb was appropriate.

After a nice break at States Coffee, the group headed for the Carquinez Scenic Strait.  Once we got closer to the trail head, the group broke out with the “happy birthday” song for Andy.  The group was having fun singing lively and some out of tune, but it was a lot of fun!  Happy Birthday Andy!  Hope you enjoyed your birthday ride!  at the end of the singing, Ron M. yelled out “Attack!!”  and everyone broke out into laughter.

It was nice rolling through the Strait, with everyone taking a nice and easy pace.  I am happy to report, despite all the bad luck early on the ride, we all made it back to Hercules Safe!  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride.  We really love seeing and catching up with everyone every weekend!

The next ride is this Thursday, our annual “Turkey Ride”  a short and sweet 26.5 mile ride with the reverse Pig Farm route.   This weekend tho, is our Dynamite A/B ride!  Hopefully y’all can make both rides!  If we don’t see you, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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