Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 11/14/2015 Arlington – Wildcat – Bears Loop


What’s up HCC!

Thumbs up for this short ride through the Berkeley hills courtesy of Andy.  The morning started out very cold as we were all suited up with our winter gear.  At Starbucks, we got to hang out and a short chat with Officer Ian and Ed with Hercules PD, we had some pretty good laughs before rolling out and thanks to Ian for taking our photo and Ed for posing in the photo with us.

It was a small group of four on today’s ride, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless!  Thanks guys for making it out to ride!

The Four Horsemen headed for Arlington as we carried a casual pace through Pinole and up Sarah Dr to wake us up.

We kept a conversational pace throughout the ride, we just kept quiet during the steeper climbs.  We didn’t really had to regroup as the group stayed intact the whole ride.

We refilled on water at the bottom of South Park and took a short break before a fast descent with Mario to lead the way down Wildcat.

We did pretty good at the Bears as we continued to carry our chatter that distracted us from the climb.

After a very short regroup at Bear Creek, we proceeded on home to Hercules where the group carried a blistering pace led by Mario and Jonah with Ken and Andy through Alhambra Valley.  We took it down a notch once we got into the residential area if Pinole.

I’m happy to report that we all got back safe.  No flats and we got home before 11am.  Thanks to everyone that came out to ride!

Next week, we have our monthly Bridge to Bridge ride!  Hope y’all can make it!!


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