Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 10/31/2015 – Stinson Beach – Alpine Dam – Paradise Loop


What’s up HCC!

Epic is one word to describe our ride this past Saturday.  It started out, overcast and mildly cool in the morning which turned out to be a warm and beautiful day.  Great to see and ride with Kathy and Darryl again!  Thanks for coming out to ride guys!

As we finished up the morning chat and getting ready in the parking lot, the group rolled out of Mt Tam High at about 7:45am.  The pace started out nice and easy as we headed for Stinson Beach with a regroup at the Ranger Station before descending down Panoramic.

The climb up to the ranger station was nice and steady.  Arnel sustained a flat during the climb, so Bochie, Arnold, and I fell back while the rest of the group proceeded to the first rest stop.

After refueling on nutrition and using the restrooms at the Ranger Station, we noticed that we were missing Brian Hurley and it’s hard to miss this guy as he towers over everyone in the group.  Without any luck of getting reception on our phones, we descended down on Panoramic in hopes to maybe see Brian at Stinson Beach.


After a fun and thrilling fast descent down Panoramic, I got a text from Brian that he was already climbing Bofax!   The group didn’t waste anytime and headed down Highway 1 with a beaming fast pace line.  Kenny, Mario, Chris B, Darryl, Kathy, James, Andy, and I aboard the pain train headed for the Bofax Climb.  We were going so fast that we nearly missed the turn.   We were having too  much fun!


Everyone went on their own pace going up Bofax, a long shaded climb that reminds us of a shorter Tunitas Creek.  We had Kenny, Darryl, and Kathy to lead the charge up the climb.  Andy and I carried a moderate conversational pace which Mario and Chris a few feet in front of us did the same.  We were having such a good conversation that before we knew it, the climb was already done.  Poor Andy, had to listen to me talk the whole time.  Sorry for talking your ear off Andy! hehe.


After a short regroup at the top of Bofax, the group proceeded on descending down to beautiful Alpine Dam!  It was a nice and warm day by the time we got to Alpine Dam, which was about 10:40am.  After a few group photos here, we started the climb out of the Dam and on to Fairfax.



We regrouped at the Coffee Roastery at the end of Bolinas rd, our Coffee stop of the day.  With coffee or coke at hand, everyone had a smile, another chance to catch up with everyone.


Now at noon time.  Blocks away from the Coffee Roastery, Bochie sustained a flat, with Arnel and Arnold staying behind, they told us to proceed without them as they plan to cut the ride short due to time constraints.

The group  then headed for the Paradise loop.  After all the climbing we’ve done, you would think these guys would run out of gas.  But as we came up to Paradise drive, we have Mario, Kenny, Jonah and James taking turns pushing the pace up and over the rolling hills!

To end the Paradise loop at Tiburon was so beautiful, a majestic scene of land and water, truly priceless.

We then headed back to Mt Tam High where James T. led us to a “short cut”  that tacked on 5 miles and more hills on the ride lol.  Thanks for the extra credit miles James!  But I am happy to report that everyone got back safe!!  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!!  Thanks to our Road Ride Coordinator Andy for always creating interesting and exciting routes!

Next week tho, we have Chris Atienza to thank, as he leads a ride in his neck of the woods, rolling out of Antioch with the route that he created.  I know many of us has never ridden the area, so please come out and join us on this adventure!  Hope to see y’all then!




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