Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 10/24/2015 -Two Bridges – Carquinez Scenic Loop



Recap by Jonah

Photos by Jerry Nueve, Brian Hurley and Jonah S.

What’s up HCC!

We had a nice and cool Fall morning as riders trickled in the parking lot to meet in front of Starbucks.  A great turn out with 19 riders rolling out of Hercules!  A big welcome to Ken Ubat and Kevin (Fan Kai), it’s their first time joining the Roadies.   We also had 2 of our sponsors on the ride, Kenny (www.norcalspinnners.com) and Jerry (nuevephotography.com), always great to have y’all on the ride!!! Thanks again for everything that you guys do for our club!!

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Back to the ride recap, the group carried a nice and easy pace over Hercules Hill and through Rodeo.  It was a true B/C group pace, Roger “The Hammer” Morris even said “this is a totally new thing for me” on the way out of Rodeo.

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Jerry, from time to time went ahead of the group to carefully place himself to take a good photo of the group in action.  Thanks again for all the great photos Jerry!



We picked up Kevin (Fan Kai) at Dead Fish before going over the Carquinez Bridge.  As the group proceeded onto Vallejo and the count to 20 riders, the B group went on a a moderate pace while the C group fell back a bit due to a flat sustained by Jason Angeles.


We regrouped at a park in Benicia, just a mile or so away from the Benicia Bridge.  The group continued on with an easy pace, enjoying each others company and chatter.

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After the Benicia Bridge, we saw 3 female riders pulled over taking a break.   We decided to say hello.  They said they are from the SF City and it was their first time riding around the area.  We extended the invitation to Ambika and her friends to join us sometime soon.  It was great meeting y’all.  Hopefully you girls are able to join a ride soon!


The group then proceed on to downtown Martinez to States Coffee Shop with Brian Hurley to lead us there!  A new shop recommended by Bret Nelson to Andy.  Thanks for the tip Bret, it’s a great coffee stop!  Bike friendly, great coffee, pastries, and service!  All smiles for everyone with coffee at hand and around good friends!



After we refueled on some nutrition we headed for the Carquinez Scenic route.  I was riding in the back of the pack when everyone suddenly started to sing the happy birthday song.  It was then we found out that it was Mario’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to you sire, we hope you enjoyed your birthday ride and the rest of the festivities over the weekend.


We regrouped one last time at the Dead Fish where Kevin broke off to go home to Crockett and Ronald M. headed back to Vallejo.  The rest of the group proceeded on to Hercules!

I’m happy to report that everyone got back safe!  Thanks again to everyone that came out to ride!  Hope y’all enjoyed the awesome photos on today’s ride!!  Next week will be epic as we head back to Marin for Stinson Beach, Alpine Dam, and Paradise Loop!!  Hope y’all can make it then!!  Don’t miss out!!



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