Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride 10/10/2015 – Dynamite A / B – Three Bears Loop


What’s up HCC!

We had a “blast” as usual at our Dynamite A / B Three Bears Loop Ride! Thanks again to Kenny Leduc at NorCal Spinners for delivering our Sigma Light orders. We really appreciate it!

The morning started out overcast, humid, and drizzly. There was 12 Riders that rolled out of Starbucks Hercules. I (Jonah) took the lead right out of parking lot to push the pace up Hercules Hill to start the A group pace. Going through Rodeo, Mr Pink Flamingo (Glenn M) joined in, as he quickly made a U-turn and closed the gap on my wheel up the refinery. He kindly reminded me “I’m right behind you” to make sure I don’t blow my nose while he was right behind. Glenn, not wasting any time, drip dropped the hammer up Cummings Skyway and disappeared in the thick fog.


Mario, caught up at Cummings Skyway and we stopped at the top of Franklin Canyon to regroup. As we proceeded down in small groups down Franklin Canyon, everyone carried a blistering pace! I rode down with Bochie and Stephen who were pushing the pedal to the metal! We took turns switching in the front every 10-15 seconds which was a lot of fun!

As we continued on to Alhambra Valley, Bochie got a pinch flat, we told the group to continue on and we’ll meet them at Bear Creek, while, Andy, Mario, Stephen, and I stayed behind.


At Bear Creek. Ken and I, headed back on Pinole Valley due to time constraints while the rest of the gang tackled the bears and SPDR!

Ken and I still carried a moderate pace headed back home, and to our Surprise, Glenn came right behind. Done with the bears and SPDR, straight up beasting! Kudos to you sir!

Meanwhile, the group carried a nice pace going through the bears and as always at SPDR, Kenny Leduc, Chris B, Roger, Mike W. and Ron put on the hyper-speed through the rolling hills to Castro Ranch!

I am happy to report that everyone made it back safe. We ended the ride with one of our favorite post ride stops, East Bay Coffee!


Next week, we have the 4th Quarter Organized Ride, Foxy’s Fall Century in Davis. If you haven’t registered yet, it is still open. Still reasonably priced at $65.00.

For those who are not able to make it to the Foxy’s Fall Century, Andy M. will be leading a ride to Peet’s Danville.

Hope to see y’all next weekend! Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride! Kenny Leduc said “So thankful to be a part of a Great Group of guys that get together and have good times doing something I really enjoy!” I say “amen to that brother!” Have a great week everyone!

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