Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 10/03/2015 – Glenn Fondo!



Ride Recap By Joey

Photos by Joey and Jaime

What’s up HCC!

Our group rides are anything but ridged. Some join us mid ride, while others leave. It’s all organic in nature, ebb and flow. Today’s ride was to mark the 3rd annual Glenn Fondo, named after the club’s Marketing Director. However, sometimes even the rides we set up also have to be organic. With unforeseen time constraints, one of the club’s ride leaders, Jaime, stepped up an was able to come up with a great route that lead us through the same picturesque landscape that Napa and Sonoma are known for which worked within a truncated time frame.

A great group of BBC and HCC riders, totaling 9, rolled out of American Canon just as dawn began to break. Joining in today was HCC member Joel who recently moved from the peninsula. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the memo that this ride would not be preceded or proceeded by a run or a swim.

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Jaime led the group safely off the ever sketchy Hwy 29 and onto North Kelly Rd. Much of the group was still waking up at this point so everyone kept close together. Once on Imola, Marvin and Jaime’s buddy who is also named Jaime, stretched their legs and took off, this caught the rest of the group by surprise as such, their attack was left unchallenged.

Fremont Drive is another story as the group, now fully awake let it rip, with Jamie, the other Jamie, Marvin, Sean and Joel breaking free from the group as they made their way onto Napa Rd. The wake of their combined power was so huge, it left Chris stranded on his own island aptly named, No Man’s Land.

Thankfully, the pain train came to a grinding halt at a red light which allowed the rest of us to catch up before they turned up the wattages once again. However, it wouldn’t be too long before we reached the turn around point at Peet’s Coffee in beautiful Sonoma.


This mid ride break was well received by everyone in the group, as it gave us a chance to catch up with some that we haven’t seen or ridden with for sometime. The group also had a laugh as we watched Jaime exit the restroom, without his jersey. Turns out he has a habit of doing that.



Before heading back, the group made a photo op at Sonoma Plaza.

On the return ride, Sean took the lead, trading pulls with the other Jamie and Marvin, while the rider leader took a much deserved break. It was somewhere around this point that Mike thought it would be a good idea to have a photo made in front of Domaine Carneros, which specializes in Napa Valley sparkling wine (because we’re not in the province of Champagne).


The rest of the group begrudgingly obliged his request, that is till we got there. Once the group saw the property, it became a Kodak moment! Everyone wanted a portrait of themselves, with their bike, with one other person, with two others and then a group photo.

In the midst of the photo ops, we also discussed the different saddles we liked using to alleviate “pressure” and also the original fondo. Since we didn’t do the original ride today, the group questioned the name for today’s ride?

I’m sure it had a lots to do with the wine in the air along with lower glucose levels from the hammer fest that the group yelled out in unison, “Giro de Numb Nutz!”

And that’s a wrap.

Next week’s ride will feature both an A group and a B group, so pick your poison as we tackle the Three Bears Loop. Hope to see you then!

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