Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 09/26/2015 – Walnut Creek to Sunol & Back


Ride recap by Joey C. and Andy M.

Photo by Jonah

What’s up HCC!

Our master mechanic, Ron, lead us on a new out and back route from Walnut Creek to Sunol. This 100km with 600m of elevation gain may seem pretty tame on paper, however the speeds the group carried throughout the ride ensured that everyone had a ticket to the pain train express.

All total, 9 riders road out navigated the downtown shopping district of Walnut Creek which included Chris and Kenny, who did extra bonus miles by riding to the ride from Hercules and Benicia respectively.

As the group made its way onto Broadway, Stephen showed us the results of his interval training by riding up front with Ron and Chris riding his draft as they put a measurable distance between the group and themselves.

Rozel, outfitted in full team kit and Time Trial bike, could have easily shut down the break but decided to let it go as he called in an order of lumpia, pancit and chicken adobo on his mobile telephone. However, our fearless leader wasn’t going to let the break get very far as he dug down deep and carried an insane pace on Danville Blvd dropping everyone like it was hot and put such a time gap on the group that he waited for quite sometime at the Danville Peet’s for the rest of the group to catch up.

Out of Danville the rest of the route would continue on San Ramon Valley Blvd, which is a wide surface street with a bicycle shoulder which lends itself for some fast Team Time Trial pacing or Individual pacing as evident by the number of other cyclist we saw on TT bikes that day.

We carried a moderate pace for the most part, exchanging some chit-chats until we get to the rollers where everyone quiets down and attacks the hill! Usually led by Rozel or Kenny with Jonah, Chris B, Ron M and the rest on their tail.

The road itself lends for some solid pacing at 50km/h that you can carry from San Ramon all the way till the turn around point in Sunol right off Niles Blvd. There are some slight rises that only require slightly more pressure on the pedals to keep your cadence going at 90-100rpm but still allow you to stay at your target power output for the entire out and back loop.

Both Jonah and Ron took advantage of this and staged their own attacks on the group and with each other with Jonah leading Ron with a gap of 30 seconds once the road changed from San Ramon Valley Blvd to Foothill Rd.

Unfortunately, Kenny suffered a flat before this section and the rest of the group pulled off keeping Kenny company as he quickly changed his tube like a true pro.

The return trip was similar in pacing as well, where had you road within your target output you could squeeze slightly more out, as in riding a negative split, returning quicker that your departure time.

Andy M. notes “As we headed back on to Danville Blvd towards Walnut Creek, Steve had some extra energy and launched a surprise attack which no one countered, possibly due to the blistering pace on the first leg out to Sunol”

Ron came up with a pretty rad route best suited to those wanted to work on their ITT/TTT or pacing skills.

Next week we have the 3rd annual Glenn, Mr. Flamingo, Fondo. Hope you can join us!!

Also, we have the 9th annual Giro De’Barkada on Sunday as HCC has been invited by Luzvimin Cycling Club out of Stockton. Hope y’all can join in and represent!

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