Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 09/19/2015 – Franklin Canyon Rd – Alhambra Ave – Orinda – Redwood Rd – GP


What up HCC!

We had another great ride this past Saturday, which would take us on adventure through some of the best roads of the East Bay!

Meeting at the usual start point, Hercules Starbucks. The day started out a bit on the cool side as you could feel the autumn chill in the morning air!  We decided to start an hour earlier at 7am (actually) 7:15am, being that this would be a challenging ride.


We proceeded with a nice social pace through Rodeo to Cummings Skyway. As we got on to Cummings Skyway, Ken Morrison and Mario launched the first attack of day setting a blistering pace and dropping the group on Cummings Skyway.


After the nice climb up Cummings Skyway and descent to Franklin Canyon Rd, the group would regroup for another fast descent into Martinez.

We continued on through Pleasant Hill at a moderate pace. Then it was on to a nice climb up the tough Pleasant Hill rd. were Kenny, Ken, and Mario led the attack on the climb. We were rewarded with a equally nice descent to Lafayette. From there we would make our way to Orinda.



After a quick regroup the group made its way to Moraga way, where Mario and I torpedoed in the front, halfway up Kenny LeDuc would join the fun and close the gap as I was starting to blowup! From there Mario and Kenny led the way to the SiSi Cafe for nice break of coffee and snacks!

While we were refueling at the SiSi Cafe for the next leg of the ride, we were approached by a reporter from the local Orinda paper. She was doing a story on East Bay Mud’s plan to possibly open some of the Moraga trails for mountain bikes and wanted our opinion and to take our photos for the story. We obliged her and decided on spot to take some shots.

The group departed the SiSi Cafe and made our way to Pinehurst rd. where the reporter took a couple action shots. The group continued on to the tough Oakland Hills via Redwood rd, Skyline, and Grizzly Peak.


We regrouped at the Berkeley Steam Trains for a quick water and snack break. From there it was on to S. Park rd for a nice fast descent to Wild Cat Canyon. After the descent Walter suffered a severe blow out of his rear tire, luckily it was after the descent.

From there group would make the descent to San Pablo Dam rd. From there some the group split off, as some would head home to end their day. The rest of the group headed to Geppetto’s Cafe in Orinda for a well deserved lunch. After a nice lunch, it was a nice and easy ride back to the Hercules Starbucks.

Overall a great ride with a great group. Thanks to all that came out and made it fun!! Next week have a new route Walnut Creek to Sunol and back. So get those visa’s cleared should be a fun one!! Until the next ride HCC!

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