Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – September 12, 2015 – Point Reyes Loop


Ride Recap by Joey

Photos by Jonah and Joey

What’s up HCC

After the heat wave we’ve been experiencing this past week it was nice to get out to the coast for some cool breezes and lower temps. We had good group of HCC riders out today and would also like to give a special shout out to Mike, Jerry, Brett and Kathy from BBC for joining us around Pt. Reyes.

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The group held a nice pace as we made our way out of Mill Valley through Lakrspur and into Fairfax. We then took the local side streets that paralleled Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

It was at this point Mario gave the group “the look” and made an attack on White’s Hill leading out of Fairfax. Bryan responded quickly to Mario and gave chase pulling the rest of the group with him, even though Bryan previously mentioned he was going to take it easy.

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We regrouped in Nicasio where Sandbagger Bryan proclaimed that he was going to chill and hang out at the back of the group. Wait didn’t he say that before we started?

No sooner than the group continued on Nicasio Valley Rd Mario, Jerry, Bochie and Mr. Hang out in the back Bryan turned up the wattage and formed a breakaway. Not wanting to be left in no mans land, Andy dug down deep and bridged the gap.


Once the lead group reached Point Reyes Petaluma Rd a plan was set into motion to further put some distance between them and the chase group and a rotating paceline was formed where each rider took 30 second pulls.

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This allowed them to put a sizable gap of 5 minutes between them and the rest of the group which they held till the next regroup at Bovine Bakery at Point Reyes Station where we enjoyed a mid ride espresso along with some pastries.

The next regroup would be at the basket ball court in Stinson Beach so as the group rolled out Andy, Jonah and Mario led the group onto Shoreline Hwy and as soon as the road opened up Mario and Jonah turned on the afterburner and carried a blistering pace.

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It wasn’t till most of the group reached the regroup point that we learned that Kathy suffered a mechanical 13km back. Her chain had managed to jump over one of her rear derailleur pulley.

After some quick thinking, Handy Andy was able to break her chain and reroute it back so that they could continue on to the meet point.

Once they arrived, Chris and Bryan headed off to ascend Mt. Tam up to the summit while the rest of the group took Panoramic Hwy to the 4 Corners then descended down towards Hwy 1 and back to the start point.


Major props to Andy for putting together another great ride and thanks to everyone that came out today.

Hope to see you next week as we ride around the Berkeley Hills!

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