Ride Recap: HCC Mtb Sunday Ride – 09/06/2015 – Briones Mtb Loop


Ride recap by Adrian Guevara
Photos by Jerry, Joey, and Jonah


HCC MTB Ride Recap 09-06-15

Awesome MTB ride today with the HCC Durt Heads at Briones Regional Park. Riders started showing up around 7:45. With the regulars Durty riders Diego and Jerry, joining us on this ride are Richard, Jonah, and Walter, with Joey rolling in on his bike from his casa somewhere close by. Diego is already Durty as he started earlier because he needed to bail mid ride and Joey did not feel like shaving his legs so he thought might as well join the Durty Hairy Legs riders and get dirty…


As we prepare for the ride, we were treated with the usual fanfare of catching-up and gear talk, and the pre-ride rituals and antics. Yours truly get to drool and ride Jerry’s latest superbike build, the BMC Bone Sh-sh-sh-shaker. This all rigid 29er fun bike tips the scale at around 20 lbs. Tasty!
The group rolled with 7 riders around 8ish, with the temperature already warming up. Upon our approach to the first climb, uber durty rider Diego gets a flat. So… the group were sidelined for a couple of minutes to for repairs as we do not leave any rider behind. Within 5 minutes, the flat repaired and the group was rolling again.


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The Pace started to pick up as everyone started to warm up… The usual Mountain Goats shined as we tackle the climbs, and the Hill Bombers showing off on the downhill sections. The trail was dry and powdery loose with little wind to deal with. The weather forecast was dead on!
At mile 2.0 Diego had to bail as he needed to get back to work. Then were left with 6 to tackle the downhill run to the mid ride regroup point. The group split up in 2 as some riders wanted to take it easy on the downhill knarly meter. Jerry led the group that wanted to tackle the nastier trails, and yours truly took the more laid back route back to the Bear creek parking lot meeting point. All riders made it back unscathed.


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Well… Time to head back up. As the saying goes, what comes down, must go back up… Time for more work! The mountain goats once again dominated this ride back to the top… I was treated with a nice ride back up with a light bike, but I still struggled and fell behind… No other comments necessary…
On our way back to our starting point, we were treated once again with a little downhill fun… Along with that, we had to deal with foot traffic ascending what we are descending on. As I was messing around with Jerrys fun bike, the front brake funk’ed out and we were approaching a stopped group. Almost bailed it, but luckily, with a little skillz and some determination to stop, I avoided an incident that could have been disastrous. Whew… Nothing to look at here folks, let’s keep it going… 1.5 hrs later… Ride done!
Total ride today was a short 7.5 miles and we were treated with a total elevation gain of 1200 ft. Nice and easy, but enough to get the adrenalin flowing, with dirt and some work mixed in.
I want to thank all that came out today… It was always fun having good company as HCC riding the dirt.
Next ride on schedule for Sept 20th is China Camp… Hope to see you there…
HCC Durt Dood!

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