Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 09/05/2015 – Bridge to Bridge via Lake Herman


Ride recap by Joey

Photos by Jonah and Joey

What’s up HCC!

What better way to start your Labor Day weekend than with the ever classic ride across the bridges. Our newest member Jerry couldn’t have picked a better day to join us as this is one of our nicest rides for those just starting out or for those just looking to chill and socialize while on the bike. With 15 members rolling out and many more joining along the way, this made for a very fun ride.

The group rolled out of Hercules, led by one of our expert ride leaders, Jaime, controlling the pace making sure everyone got a proper warmup before the hammer was dropped. Of course one has to strike while the iron was hot and Marvin was more than willing to obliged. This was all before we even got to Vista Point!



The rest of the group was more than willing to let the hammer heads pull away while we continued telling jokes and blowing snot rockets at each other.

We later regrouped at the base of the bridge in Vallejo where the cellular phones came out for selfies and the accompanying photo bombs. Once the group finished uploading to their various online accounts we continued towards Benicia Rd where all of a sudden Nana dials up the wattages and flies down at Mach 1.


Nana’s performance effected the hammer heads in the group, that you would think we were traveling with a flux capacitor as 1.21 gigawatts was being generated by Bryan, Jerry, Chris, Mike, Sean, Bochie, Flamingo and Jamie as they rushed forward to close the gap with Nana.



image3 image4


After the hammer fest, we made our way up Columbus where each rider road at their own pace, however, once on Lake Herman the hammer heads proceeding to bring the pain, stringing out the group while up front Bryan and Jamie put everything they got on the line for an all out sprint.

We regrouped at the vista point at the corner of Lake Herman and Lopes where Flamingo and Mr. My Batteries Are Low Andy discussed their murses while others chit chatted, fondled Flamingo’s new Garmin 520, posted photos of themselves or ate a snack before we continued towards the Benicia bridge and into Martinez for a stop at Barrelista for a mid ride espresso.


With HCC rolling deep, we spilled into the sidewalk catching up with members we haven’t seen in a while, talking about hitting the trails with the durty crew and of course more selfie.

It was at this point that Bochie, Bryan and Chris decided to extend their ride by heading up Pig Farm and then the Bears. Flamingo went up Franklin Canyon, while the rest of the group continued on to the scenic trail and back into Hercules.

Great weather and a great group a friends made for such a great ride today.

Next week, we head out to Mill Valley take on the Point Reyes Loops… HCC style. Hope you can join us!

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