Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 08/29/2015 – Lafayette Loop via Altarinda Rd back via Alhambra


Ride recap by Joey
Photos by Jonah and Joey

What’s up HCC!

It’s been one hot week here in the east bay and this morning we welcomed the overcast to help keep the temps somewhat manageable. We rolled out of Starbucks towards Pinole at an easy pace to warm up our legs.


As we approached Pinole Park, Jonah and Ken began to increase the pace ever so slightly that by the time they reached Castro Ranch they had put such a time gap between them and the rest of the group that they soft pedaled up Castro Ranch to allow the rest to catch up.


By the time we started up SPDR, the weather started to creep up ever so slightly and a slight drizzle could be felt which lead to it being a bit muggy. It seemed this weather had a positive effect on both Chris and Mario as they unleash a world of hurt on the group and held an insane pace till they reached Bear Creek where they put at least 5 minutes on the rest of the group.

Once the group caught their breaths from Chris and Mario’s hammer time session, Andy lead the group through a farmers market, complete with a hummus vendor, on up Altarinda Drive with a maximum pitch, per Strava, of 20.3%.

Andy was putting down some serious wattage on this climb but then out of nowhere, Jonah effortlessly zooms right past him with Brian, Ken, Richard and Bochie giving chase.

The drizzle became more constant at this point and those on carbon wheels started braking often in an effort to keep their brake tracks operational. Of course this didn’t effect Mr. Disc Brake Marshall.

As the group made their way onto Mt. Diablo Rd, Andy put his legs to work as he launched a full out attack on the entire group and kicked up a tremendous rooster tail as he sped down the rain soaked road passing everyone in sight.

His full on sprint even caught the attention of another cyclist that was caught in Andy’s wake. At the light he showered Andy with glorious praises as Andy waited for the green light to turn more green.

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After a stop at Noah’s Bagels, the group continued up and over Reilez towards Pig Farm. With their legs feeling good both Jonah and Mario put down the hammer and raced up Pig Farm with Chris and Bochie accepting the challenge and quickly followed suit.

While the lead group waited at Bear Creek, another cyclist also coming down Pig Farm, carried way too much speed into the corner, especially in the wet, and his bike slide out from under him. The group reacted very quickly to help him out in anyway we could.

The weather also caught a few other cyclist by surprise as well. We saw many on the side of the road with flats and other mechanicals. Jonah and Bochie even assisted a couple who had a cable snap in two.

Even with the weather, we still had a great ride, shared some jokes and helped a few cyclist along the way.

Next week, hopefully dry roads, we have the Bridge to Bridge Loop via Lake Herman!  Hope y’all can make it!

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