Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride 08/22/2015 – Lamorinda Loop



What’s up HCC!

We had another great ride Saturday with 11 guys rolling out from Starbucks. One of our newest member, Michael made it out for his 2nd ride with the group. We also had a special guest appearance by Mr. Flamingo himself, flexing his quads on his new Franco Balcom S in glorious pink.

The group left the parking lot and settled into zone 2 as we made our way to the refinery climb where Flamingo dropped the hammer on the group and took at 32km/h on the climb and increased his speed even faster till he was no longer in site.

Mario lead the chase group which eventual caught the Flamingo at the bottom of Pomona where Ron and Chris then went full gas on the group as they entered the Carquinez Scenic Dr.

Not wanting to get his feathers ruffled, Flamingo went hard on the gas as well dropping the group for a 2nd time and instead of continuing onwards along the Carquinez Scenic Dr took a right and made short work of the much feared McEwen Rd.

With the group now strung out over the course a regroup was called for at the end of the Carquniez Scenic Dr where we then made our way through Martinez and picked up Flamingo who was waiting for us at the Jon Muir National Historic Site.

After a brief stop where Andy attempted to convince us his jersey was indeed pink, (sorry more like peach if you ask me) we made our way up Alp d’Reliez to which Mario, Francisco and Rodger dug deep down inside and rocketed up the climb.

As we made our way towards Moraga, Kenny who just came down from the summit joined the group and along with Chris and Rodger killed the 61m 11% effort on Reliez Station Climb.

We regrouped at Si Si where we met Tony and his 2 other riding buddies who were familiar with HCC. Turns out they are avid readers of the website so big shots out to you guys and hope you can join us soon!

This regroup was very interesting as we found out very personal things about Francisco and Arnold. Yes we are all bros but seriously, you need to keep certain stuff to yourself.

Major construction on Moraga Way had backed up traffic all the way till Orinda where we made our way onto one of HCC’s favorite places for picking up speed, SPDR. Once traffic cleared some members of the group, powered by caffeine, drop the hammer once again.

Another great ride with friends, see you guys next week.


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