Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride 08/15/2015 – Dynamite A / B – Three Bears Loop


What’s up HCC!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride the Dynamite A / B route!  A great group made it a great ride!

The morning started out mildly cool with the sky partly cloudy.  There was a total of 17 riders today, with 15 that rolled out of Starbucks Hercules.  A few things to mention, we’d like to welcome Michael Raub to HCC!  We hope you enjoyed your first time riding with us and hope you ride with us again soon!  Great to see one of our Mtb ride leader, Jason Valle join us on the road for the first time with his stunning BMC roadie!  Also great to see Walter back for the 2nd week in a row after being MIA for months!  The same goes for Francisco and Jerry W, great to see y’all back in the mix!




Anyways, back to the recap.   Francisco, actually forgot his cycling shoes, so he went back home and later found us at SPDR and Bear Creek.  The group rolled out at about 8:13 am or so headed for Cummings Skyway.  The A group, pushed a brisk pace as Chris Bunag sparked the fire that got Kenny, Mario, Jerry, and Mike W going! We won’t see them until the regroup at Bear Creek and Alhambra.



Meanwhile, the B group carried a moderate pace, pushed the tempo at Franklin Canyon as Jonah, Steve, Jason, and Walter switched pulls in the front.  We took it easy though the rest of the way till we see the A group waiting for us at Bear Creek.


We took a short break to refuel and snack a bit before rolling up the three bears.   Raul joined in the ride at Bear Creek where most of us took our time chatting it up about how our week’s been while enjoying the warm and smokey air (smoke due to a fire up north)


We regrouped at Bear Creek and SPDR where Kenny and Jeff decided to extend the route for a longer ride while the rest of us proceeded onto SPDR.  As usual, a fun segment.  Jerry W got the party started here that got Mario going in the front pushing the pace.  The trade of pulls was nice, no one stayed too long and got a nice rotation going.


At the end of the ride, we all decided to head to our local fave spot, EBCC in Pinole.  Billy and Lisa hooked us up with complimentary espresso shots that surely re energized us back up!!!  It was nice to sit and chat and enjoy some good pastries and coffee.  Even Ron M. and wife Lilen with kids stopped by to say hi!


It was a great end to the ride as we all got back safe!  Speaking of safety, we’ve had a few guys go down on the bike this year.  We would like to do a friendly reminder to everyone to always practice safe riding.  Let’s keep our eyes on the road and help each other stay safe.  Thanks in advance for everyone’s help!

Next weekend, we have another great ride of course, the Lamorinda Ride!  We also have the Mtb ride at Crockett Hills and our Annual HCC Anniversary BBQ Potluck on Sunday!!!  A busy fun weekend!  Hope y’all can make it!

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