Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride 07/25/2015 – Hercules to Peet’s Danville Hilly Loop


The Sun was out and the early morning was nice and cool as we trickled in the Starbucks Parking Lot. We had one new member joining us on the ride today for the first time, please welcome Chris Atienza! Great riding with you sir, we look forward to riding with you again at the Marin Century.


There was 11 riders that rolled out of the parking lot headed for Peet’s Danville. The group stayed at a Zone II pace passing thru neighboring city, Rodeo, where Joey, rocking his new HCC kit met us up. As we started climbing Cummings Skyway, James Tolosa led the charge the pace was brisk, but the guys still kept a light chatter until we realized we were at 180+ bpm on our HR and slowed down a bit.


Going down Franklin Canyon Joey, Mike Wan, and Paulo sprung into paceline mode and beamed down to Alhambra Valley with max speed!


As we climbed up Reliez, Joey out in front, with Chris A. on his tail flying thru this hill effortless.

As we headed for Danville, Richard, not feeling well due to a sinus infection, decided to turn back, Art joined him on the return as he was short on time.


We reached Peet’s Danville by 9:40 am, the group making great time! We refueled, ate some snacks and sip some coffee at the bustling patio area just outside the coffee shop.


The trip back to Hercules was just as fun. We took Happy Valley to Sundown Terrace to go down Miner rd. We saw Rozel for a half a second, bombing down with his Cushman CX crew, faster than a wink and a gun.


As we got to SPDR, Jonah, Ron M, and Mike W led the charge, doing a brisk pace line to Castro Ranch. The headwind was hitting pretty hard in some sections, but nothing we can’t handle.

I’m happy to report that everyone got back safe, no flats and no mechanical issues. Thanks again to everyone for coming out to ride! Everyone rode strong, ready for the upcoming Marin Century this coming weekend.

Thanks to Joey and Chris for helping lead the ride, and also to Andy for the fun hilly route!

See you guys at the Marin Century! Rest up! Carb up! Hydrate! Have a great week!

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