Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – July 18, 2015 – Paradise Dr – Alpine Dam – Stinson Beach Loop


Ride Recap by Joey

Photos by Jonah & Joey

The day started bright and early for the HCC group, well for most of us anyways (ain’t that right Chris) at the Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley. After our usually pre ride banter and welcoming our newest member, Kevin, into the fold we headed out on a overcast morning towards Tiburon.

The group stayed together as we made our way east. Unfortunately, a few kilometers into the ride, Mario suffered a mechanical which caused his rear derailleur to become intimate with his spokes, ending his ride for the day. Jason, unselfishly, hustled back to the parking lot to get his car and gave Mario a lift back home.

That’s what makes the HCC group so great, no one is left behind.

The rest of the group continued on with the ride doing a bit of shouldering and remounting of our bikes as the pathway that ran parallel to Tiburon Blvd was closed for construction.

As we made our way to Point Tiburon the crisp ocean air reminded us that we were not in the East Bay.

Once we headed towards El Campo, Chris, looking pro in his POC gear, led the charge shortly followed by Max who lit up the segment like the 4th of July! Max continued to increase his lead from the group till Corte Madera where he was later joined by Jonah and Ron.

By now a large number of other groups, like the Rapha Cycling Club, joined in with us as we blasted down Tamalpais Drive, with Andy in the middle of the action, en route to our first climb of the day on Bolinas Rd.

Once again, Max turned the screws on the group holding a blistering pace blasting through Fairfax and up and over Bolinas. Max was so far out in front that he didn’t realize that the group had made a café stop before the climb.


This may have explained his 45+ minute wait at Alpine Dam. Oh the lulz!

At the Dam, many more clubs where hanging out, enjoying the view and weather. After a few more jokes and snacks we continued to climb out of Alpine Dam to tackle the technical descent, to which Ron almost had his bike slide right out from under him because of all the loose gravel, towards the Shoreline Highway where two groups formed.


Max and Kevin pushed first into the headwind with a 10 minutes gap from the group. Not to be outdone, Chris showing his true power, pulled everyone else along at speeds to fast to print!

We all regrouped at the Stinson Beach Market where a few of us took in a quick bite, while others contemplated playing a game of basketball before the final climb up Panoramic Highway.


Mayo showed great forum on this final effort, powering his way to the top. Not to be outdone, Bochie, Arnel and Rodger also dialed it up to 600w and dropped the hammer letting Mt. Tam know that HCC has arrived!

Once at the 4 corners on Mt. Tam the group splinted off as a small group went to ascend to the summit of Mt. Tam while others descended back into Mill Valley to return back to the staging area.

Much props to Andy for putting together another rad ride!

Next week we have a Danville out and back as we prepare for the Marin Century on August 1st!

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