Ride Recap – HCC Castro Valley Loop – 07/11/2015


What’s up HCC!

First off, a BIG congratulations to all the Death Ride finishers from HCC!! and our friends at BBC!  Way to finish strong and add on to your cycling achievements!!


Now, to the recap.   It was a nice mild day to do a Fondo, training for the upcoming Marin Century!  We have 8 riders rolling out of Starbucks Hercules as we headed towards the first tough climb McEwan.  The group carried a mild to moderate pace, as we all knew we have a long way to go, so better to conserve our energy.

We passed thru Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, and down to Danville.  The group stayed intact for the most part until we started climbing Norris Canyon.  Everyone was climbing pretty good.  Paulo with his new TI Litespeed, was speeding up the hills! Great form out there Pau!  Everyone was keeping up pretty good and was not far apart at all.

As we then found ourselves in Castro Valley, the half way point, we took a lunch break at Rumi Cafe as we refueled on nutrition and hydrated.  Some of us got breakfast sandwiches, some got rice plates, or baklava and coffee which will surely play a big role in re-energizing us for the trip back.

As we rolled out with full stomachs, it wasn’t long till we started the long climb on Redwood.  The climb wasn’t bad, it ranged from 5-6% grade and the weather was still fairly mild.  It was a nice descent down before we climbed up Pinehurst.


We took a very short regroup at Si Si’s Cafe until we decided that it’s just better to keep going to Orinda for a longer break at Starbucks.  The group was feeling pretty good at this point, at the 66th mile.  All of us just snacked on our bars and gels, except for Chris B who filled up on Falafel to help him on the climb ahead, the three bears.


As we proceeded on to SPDR and onto Bear Creek.  I’m sure that we were all unsure on how well we would do on this last stint of the climbs.  We all went on our own pace trying to gauge the strength in our legs that is left.  This was the warmest or hottest part of the ride, the dry heat was on blast as there are no shade of canopy to be found.

After a short regroup at Bear Creek and Alhambra, we all still felt pretty good, with gas left in the tank.  The group carried a brisk pace back to Hercules on Pinole Valley Road.


I am happy to report that we all got back safe, no flat tires or mechanical issues.  Thanks to Andy for another great route.  Nice job leading the group!  You rode strong out there!

Thanks again to everyone that came out to ride!  Next week, we have some riding to do in Marin, we hope to see y’all then!




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