Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – July 04, 2015 – Two Route Option

4th of july

Ride Recap by Joey

Photos by Chris B and Joey

It’s the 4th of July and we’re on our bikes!

We had two different routes to choose from today. A 27 mile counter clockwise route through Pig Farm and Franklin Canyon and a longer 65 mile option hrough the hills of Berkeley.
A group of 8 riders met up at Starbucks with 7 rolling out towards Pinole Valley Road. What happened to that other rider? I dunno, what happen… GLENN! j/k
Once the group passed Pinole Park, Rodger turned the screws on the group maintaining a 20 second lead through the Castro Ranch Rd intersection.
At Bear Creek Rd, Rodger broke off from the group to take on Pig Farm while the rest began their assault on the Three Bears. Once the Bears where done with us, they spat us out and left us to do battle with Wildcat Canyon Rd.
After battling Wildcat, we regroup at Inspiration Point to recover as a 2.2km 10% average grade and a peak of 18.2% road known as S Park Drive awaited us.
Andy, who previously tackled S Park Drive during the Nifty Ten Fifty, showed his true form ascending the 2.2km with easy inspiring the rest of to say, “Shut up legs!”
Once we crested S Park Drive we enjoyed the views of the East Bay as we descended Grizzly Peak Blvd and enjoyed a blast of speed as we continued our descent into Berkeley via Claremont Ave to our next regroup point, Fast Freddy’s The Station.
As we sat out, relaxing on the outdoor patio and listening to Ken tell us stories explosives, Andy and Chris began yelling, “PJB!” Turns out the Padjak Boys of Alameda were rolling into Peet’s across the street from the Berkeley Tennis Club


On our way out of The Station, we made our way over for some fist bumps and big talks about both of our rides we rolled out to take on one of Berkeley’s classic, Tunnel Rd.
Chris and Luke showed their climbing power by quickly dropping the group on the climb. However, those that took in the sites as they made their way up where quickly joined by Fast Freddy himself who gave a rolling seminar about lactate clearing and zone 2.
Once the group reached Skyline, we picked up speed again and bombing down Redwood Rd for the short climb up Pinehurst Rd onto Canyon Rd and into Orinda. Our original plan was to stop to have lunch at Geppetto’s Café but turned out it was closed for the 4th so we met at Petra Café before some tacked The Bears one more time while others continued back via SPDR.
No mechanicals, no issues, just out riding and enjoying life on the 4th of July!
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