Ride Recap – Team Photo / HCC Saturday Ride 06/27/2015 – Pinehurst – GP – Arlington Loop


Photos by Jerry N, Jonah, Joey, and Chris B

What’s up HCC!

We had a ton of fun on this favorite route of ours!  But before we go into the recap, we just want to say big thanks to Jerry at www.nuevephotography.com for taking our team / solo photos!


The morning started out overcast and cool as rider’s trickled in between 7:00-7:45am to pick up their kit orders while catching up on some chat over coffee and bananas that was provided.

After the shoot at Jonah’s place, the group rolled out at 8:25 am heading to Pinehurst via Castro Ranch, SPDR, and thru Moraga.  We started out with a nice and slow pace as Jerry took action shots along the way up till Castro Ranch.


After a short Regroup at Castro and SPDR, an A group pace line formed on SPDR that included Mario, Ron. M, Joey, Paulo, and Jonah.  The pull was switching up nicely in the front, maintaining a brisk pace.  Once Joey took the front, he pushed the pace playing between 27-30 mph.  This was at the last mile of SPDR, due to the difficulty of sustaining Joey’s pace, Jonah was the only one left to barely hang on to his wheel to regroup at Wildcat / Bear Creek.

We picked up Mr Sean Co along SPDR to join us for the ride, glad you were able to make it out!  We continued with a nice moderate pace thru Moraga, with Joey, Ron M. and Mike W. pushing the pace in the front.


Our first break at Si Si Cafe is always nice.  At this time, the clouds has disappeared and the sun was out!  We took over the back porch of Si Si’s as we refilled on some nutrition.  We met some guys riding from Alameda, Jonathan, Sydney, and friends.  Before I started to talk about HCC, Jonathan said “Oh yeah, Hercules Cycling Club, I follow you guys on Strava”.   Hope y’all can join us for a ride soon!


As we proceeded onto Pinehurst, we had a 2 x 2 pace line going to start, with Joey and Sean in the front.  The group stayed intact until the real climb started and the group broke into smaller group or solo riding up the hilly road.  Joey, of course made it look easy.  Everyone else did fantastic, Ron and Andy spinning effortlessly, so did Mike, Steve, Chris B. and Raul, improving in their performance as we have been beefing up on climbing and distance.  Nice job everyone!

After the short regroup, we headed towards the steam trains passing thru Grizzly Peak.  We took a 10 minute break at the steam trains giving some of us a chance to use the bathroom.

The group headed for Arlington where we were met with some nice rollers.  Sean went on his way home going down Spruce and the rest of the group headed back to SPDR and back to Hercules.

At the end of the route, Mike Wan still had a burst of energy and took 2 KOMS, 8th on the Bridge Sprint and 2nd on the final sprint on Titan, nice effort Mike!!

I’m happy to report that we all got back safe.  No flat tires on this ride!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride.  This coming Saturday we have the 4th of July Ride, a short and long route option.  Hope y’all can make it out!




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