Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 06/20/2015 – Hercules to Mt Diablo & Back (DR Training)

What’s up HCC!

We’ve got another epic one for the books this past Saturday. Thanks to Andy M. for leading a great route! and Thanks to Everyone that came out to ride!

Below: No HCC jersey??  No problem!  Check out the ink on Arnold’s leg!  Thanks for reppin HCC!!!


The morning started out cool with 8 guys that met up at Starbucks. Bochie and Arnold planned a shorter route staying close by to Herules, while the 6 other guys, Jonah, Andy, Chris, Paulo, Ron M, and Luke headed for Mt Diablo!


The group of 6 carried a nice moderate pace heading towards Heather Farms. Just to mention, Luke rode on a Trek Hybrid without clip-less pedals, this kid is a beast to be able to keep pace with us effortlessly.

Below: Luke on the left with his Hybrid bike!


We went thru the first climbs, The Bears and Happy Valley with no problems, the group stayed intact and made good time. We got to Heather Farms around 8:50 am, so took as about an hour and a half, we left Hercules at 7:15 am.

We saw Scott Overfield, President of BBC at HF, riding solo from Fairfield. Richard, Stephen, and Arnel who we are suppose to meet along the way are already at Northgate waiting for us. We invited Scott to ride along with us to Mt D. Great riding with you Scott!

We were then a group of ten, as Richard, Steve, and Arnel joined in to start the climb on Northgate. At this point, things are starting to warm up! The sun was hot and beaming down as we made our way to the junction. Everyone was going at their own pace, conserving our energy if we can as we still have a return trip to make after the summit.


We saw plenty of people we knew on the climb, we saw our friends from BBC, Marvin, Nana, Steve S, Jerry W, Kathy N and our own HCC members that started out at different areas, Darren, Mayo, Carlito, Ben, Jeff W, Bob O, and JL. Great seeing all of you! HCC was definitely represented well on the roads of Mt D!!


On the climb to the summit, about 3/4 of a mile away, I started to feel the bonk, blood sugar went down, and I felt the shakes. Got off the bike and downed a Clif Bar, Bloks, and Gel, took a minute to kick in, I saw everyone pass by, Ron M, Andy, and Richard with great form led the way followed by Paulo and Steve. Arnel nearing the bonk as well, stopped to rest with me. After 5-10 minutes Arnel and I decided to push on to see if we can make the summit. Within minutes back on the bike, we see Darren coming up from behind. I am happy to report we all made it to the summit! Well actually except for Luke, he felt the bonk 2 miles before the summit and low in food, he headed back down to the junction to wait for us. But huge kudos to him for making it as far as he did with a hybrid bike using regular shoes.


We further recharged our batteries at the summit (Thanks to everyone for helping me get thru my bonk!) and descended down to the plaza by HF for some much needed lunch break! Some of us got burgers, sandwiches, or burritos, but whichever it may be, it was a big help in getting us back energy for the return trip.

As we headed back to Hercules, now 1:15 pm, the sun was in full force, hot hot hot! Fortunately we were able to load up our water bottles with ice and cold water during the lunch break to help us cool down in the heat.

The return trip was uneventful and hot, until we got to Reliez. Which I was excited about since there is more shade and we are so much closer to getting home. Me, Ron M., and Luke maintained a moderate pace on Reliez and up the Pig Farm. We did a last regroup at the school on Pinole Valley and made the final ride to home plate!

I am happy to report that everyone got back safe, no mechanical or even flats on this ride! What an epic 74 miles and 6400 ft of suffering! Glad I started training for the Marin Century, now I know I still have a long way to go to get that endurance back!

Next week, we have a great ride on thru Pinehurst, but we also get our kit orders! So please show up if you’ve ordered! We are also doing a Team Photo by Nueve Photography so please, if you have the kit already, even if your not riding, it would be great to have y’all in the team photo. Hope to see y’all then!

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