Ride Recap: HCC Mtb Sunday Ride – 05/31/2015 – Briones Mtb Loop

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Ride Recap by Adrian Guevara

Photos by Jerry N, Raul R, Jesus, and Jonah S.

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Awesome MTB ride today with the HCC dirty heads at Briones Regional Park. The Dirty Riders started trickling and showing up around 7:00am. These guys must be stoked to ride Briones or excited to fit the sample Voler Enduro jerseys for the HCC Mtb Jersey. Twelve riders showed up for today’s ride, mostly HCC ol’ dirty birds Jerry, Diego, Jonah, Jesus, Rigo, Ron M, Ronald aka “Lighwork”, Jay, Arnie da Terminator and yours truly… With Arnel’s first and Raul second on the dirt session, testing how riding dirt compares to riding on the road.

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The group rolled out from the Ol’ Briones Parking Area around 7:47ish. As always, it’s was cold, overcast, and windy. As we all know, this route starts off climbing right away for the warm-up. The mountain goats are out in full force for the early ascent. Looks like Raul and Arnel are getting acclimated with riding on dirt as I saw them hammering it up on the ascent. As we came up to the first peak to regroup, it was decided to re-route from the planned route as it was too windy at the western side of the park. The ride was re-routed to the eastern trails of BRP to hide from the wind. The new route took the group heading towards table top trail.

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As the group reached the second waypoint, preparing for the descent from the table top trail to Spengler trails toward the valley, 2 groups formed. Group A led by Diego to ride technical single tracks and the B Group led by yours truly to ride the conservative fire trails. As both groups descended and bombed the descent, you can hear the yelling and hollering as a sign that the group is having fun on the descent. 2 riders hit the dirt, as one lost traction and the other hit a root hidden amongst the leaves. Must not be serious as they dusted off and kept riding, and were still yipping and hollering on the way down. The group made it down to Blue Oak Trail, Diego took the group to ride more unfamiliar singles and jumps. As we all know, the descents have to end sometime, and we now have to end it by riding Reliez Valley Road to the next way point off the dirt.

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The group is now riding the black top at the all familiar Rilez Valley Road for the transition to the next trail head. I was hoping we run into some HCC Road riders, but we did not even see any road riders all the way to Tavan Estate Drive trail head. The wind died down a bit and the sun was out, warming up the land. Now the work begins as the Climbing session once again. Seems Raul and Arnel are having a good time as I see the smirk on their newly gained dirt skills. It’s a workout alright, but it’s always fun playing in the dirt. More climbing and technical climbs will lead us back to the parking lot. I think I saw another rider (Arnold) hit the deck as it gets really technical climbing greeted us.

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As we made it back to the parking lot, the group re-visited for more jersey fitting accompanied by some sudsy refreshment. Mission accomplished for the ride, all made it back with a smile on their faces, plus mission accomplished in the jersey fitting. I’m sure reviews will be posted one way or another between the HCC FB sites. It does run a size larger, to accommodate for pads or protection.

I want to thank all that came out today… It was always fun having good company as HCC riding the dirt.

Durt Dood!

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