Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 05/23/2015 – Calaveras Sierra Road Loop


What’s up HCC!

We had an epic ride down in the South Bay!  The morning was overcast and cold! It only warmed up in the last 15 miles of the ride.  There was 10 riders rolling out of Niles downtown area.  It was great to see Juan the “Juanderer” back in the mix of things!  Welcome back Juan!!  It was great to ride with you again sir!


We also had Wilbur and James T’s friends riding with us thru Calaveras, it was great to meet Peter, Scott, Joe, Roberto, and the other James.  We hope y’all can join us for a ride in our neck of the woods!


So back to the ride, we had Ol’ Dirty Joey pushing a brisk pace and everyone tried to catch his wheel, of course, it seems impossible to catch this guy without using up all your strength and energy. So  the main field, which was 15 riders carried a moderate pace.


At Calaveras, Ron took off like a bat out of hell up the hill where we caught up to him at the regroup point on top along with local boys.  This is actually where we officially met everyone as James T introduced everyone.  It was a quick break and continued on the rest of Calaveras.  The pace was nice, fast, and fun thru the smooth roads of the rolling hills.  It was the other James and Peter in front trading pulls.  Thanks for the great pull fellas!


After a thrilling descent down Calaveras, James T showed us a secret watering hole tucked in a residential court.


We parted way with the James and his friends as we headed for Sierra Rd and they headed for Mt. Hamilton.

So, this whole time, Joey is way ahead, he actually climbed Sierra Rd from the other side and came down the hill to meet us.


There was a couple of first timers on this climb including myself and Mario.  Let me just say that Sierra Rd did not disappoint!  It was a tough climb, everyone did great!  We just grind it out till we regrouped at the top!  We didn’t stay long at the top since it was freezing!  Even more freezing was the descent down Sierra rd!

We stopped for another water break at the secret watering hole before continuing another 14 miles left to the route.

The rest of the route was uneventful, going thru some rolling hills and flat which made it tough after all that climbing.


We all got back to the car safely!  and the guys decide to reward ourselves with some carb loading at a Pizza joint in downtown Niles.


Next week.  We have ” Mines Rd” with the Padjak Boys of Alameda on Saturday and we have the Mtb ride and Enduro Jersey size fitting in Briones on Sunday !!  We hope y’all can make it and see yah guys then!



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