Ride Recap: HCC Double – 05/16/2015 – Sacramento Out & Back

What’s up HCC,

Below is a recap of two of our very own, Joey and Chris rolling to Sacramento and back. Congratulations guys on a strong finish on a 180 mile ride!!!

Write up by Joey.


The road trip Chris and I did on Saturday is a super nice ride that we may want to add to our repertoire of courses.

We rolled out at 7AM at the foot of the Benicia Bridge on Industrial then onto Lopes Rd. Lopes is famous for its head and cross winds but with the early morning start we where spared the winds. From Lopes we got on to Suisun Valley Rd via Cordelia then onto Rockville Rd. All familiar roads to us, well populated with food stops.

We chose to travel west of I-80 on Hilborn, Lyon, Cherry and Pleasant Valley Rd on up to Lake Solano to avoid the more heavily traffic roads. For those that have gone to Lake Berryessa will be familiar with the route.

While traffic was very light, you do give up gas/food stops. So its super important that you be self sufficient on this stretch.

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Before getting to Lake Solano is where we headed east on Putah Creek Rd. Again another quiet back road lined by orchards into Winters then subsequently Davis where the route becomes a separated bike lane through the city and onto the outskirts of town.

The bike trail continues out of town and parallels the west side of I-80 on up through the Yolo Causeway and into West Sacramento. This same bike lane will take us straight to the nations capitol at ~95 miles.


The profile looks like a few hard climbs but in reality the route is flat but don’t let that fool you in thinking this is an easy ride. Its a 10hr+ of saddle time.

I would recommend if club members are interested in doing this in a reasonable time that they need to be able to sustain 17-18mph and hold full conversations. Stops need to be kept short and few and far between. We did a few quick bathroom breaks on the way up a 45min lunch in Sac a few snack/bathroom breaks on the way back but we kept them short.

Because this is an out and back ride lots of places to bail and just head back. Also Davis and Sacramento have Amtrak stations if one would rather take a train bake to Martinez. So there are options for people.

Very few, if any areas in between Rockville and Davis to refill your bottles but Chris and I found 1 bottles to be fine during this stretch. There is cellphone reception. And with a large group SAG really isn’t needed.

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