Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride 05/02/2015 – Dynamite A / B – Three Bears Loop


What’s up HCC!

We had 10 riders rolling out of Starbucks Hercules. Today was our Dynamite ride (#haulass ride) with a B group option. Since we didn’t have our usual A group hammer heads riding, I, Jonah took the point on the A group. I’d have to say, I’m not fit to lead an A group! lol since I haven’t been doing substantial long rides, I have strength for short distance riding but my endurance needs a lot of work #cyclistdadproblems

Anyways, we have Jerry Wickham and Kman joining us that morning which truly made it a hammerfest! Right out the gates, I knew I had to make a gap and pushed on Hercules Hill to make the A group ride interesting (it’s always fun when your chasing someone right?) I carried a brisk pace going through Rodeo and up Cummings Skyway. Right at the turn on Cummings, I thought I saw Kman making his way up to turn on Cummings. So I kept on pushing, the next time I turned my head at the top of Cummings, I see Mario in the distance.


At Franklin Canyon where the headwinds picked up, I knew this is where I will get caught! But not till the last 200 meters of the segment where Mario and Jerry working together wheeled me in. Thank goodness! The chase was a lot of fun! So the three of us shared pulls on Alhambra Valley continuing to carry that brisk pace.

We went up the Pig Farm and to the bears, but I had a little home emergency and I had to bail right in the middle of the first bears climb. Mario and Jerry continued on and Kman was about 150 meters behind as I saw him on my way out of Bear Creek.

Mario and Jerry had a strong performance and ranked 7th and 8th on the HCC Dynamite KOM! Nice job guys!!

Meanwhile the B group following behind had an awesome time as well. According to Ron M. the B group carried a pretty good pace only stopping twice. Unfortunately Raul sustained a flat tire near the end at Castro Ranch.

But I’m happy to report, everyone got back safe! Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!

Next week, we are going to mellow down with the Bridge to Bridge ride. Hope to see y’all then!

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