Ride Recap: HCC Mtb Sunday Ride – 05/03/2015 – Wildcat – Inspiration Point to Conlon Trail


What’s up Dirt Heads!

We had another awesome time trail blazin at Wildcat Regional Park!  We have Jason Angeles and Ronald aka “Light Work” on our FB group joining us on a ride for the first time!  Welcome to HCC guys!  Great to have you riding with us this morning!


The morning started out cold and overcast as 6 riders made their way to the trail head.  Since we were all now familiar with the trail from last week, we carried a nice moderate pace throughout the ride.


It’s a good challenge going up the hill as the trails yielded tree roots, branches, leaves, and rocks that can make the climb tougher.  When your rear wheel spun out,  you are working twice as hard and have to think quickly on how to conserve your energy while navigating your way through the different trail elements.


As we came up to Inspiration point, it got a lot cooler.  The wind picked up and it was still overcast as the clouds covered up the view of the bay.  We had a short break and caught up on conversation before we made the final descent to the parking lot.

The descent is as always thrilling.  Diego took the lead followed by Jerry and Jason (flight crew)  bombing down the hill.  The two Ronalds (Ron M and Light Work) and I followed from behind, fast yet conservative.


In the last 300 meters of the route, we ran into Jason Angeles who started the ride at 7:00 am, great to see you make it out sir!  Hope to see you on the next ride, roll out is 7:30 am.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride this morning.  It’s not easy to get up early when the morning is cold and your bed is warm.  Specially after a fight night, where I’m sure people stayed up pretty late.

Next Mtb ride is on May 31st, tentatively again at Wildcat, but might change to something more fun, so stay tuned!  Hope to ride with y’all then!

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