Ride Recap: HCC Mtb Sunday Ride – 04/26/2015 – Wildcat – Inspiration Point to Conlon Trail


Ride Recap by Adrian Guevara and Jerry Nueve

Photos by Jerry Nueve and Jonah Sabino

On 04/26/15, HCC inaugural mountain bike ride kicked off at Wildcat Regional Park. With eleven riders in attendance, our group assembled at 0730 for meet and greet while enjoying donuts and coffee courtesy of Adrian and Jerry.

2015-04-26 02.14.17 1

One by one, riders started showing up. We took our usual HCC antics before any ride, meet and greet, shooting the breeze, checking out the gears, and getting ready, and the usual Group Photo! As promised by Jerry, it’ll be an easy ride… Great for beginners…

2015-04-26 02.18.02 1

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While waiting for the last rider to show up, the first group led by Jerry rolled out at 0800. Though it had rain the day before, the route which consisted mostly of fire road was dry with minimal section of mud covered terrain. Jerry’s group managed to stay intact until the first short steep climb on which Rozel and Jonah sprinted to the top while Jerry pulled back and assisted the other riders. Once we finally overcame the climb, the remaining section of the trail was moderately flat as we cruised thru tree shaded sections of the trail. The trail was nice and wide, smooth and at some section are paved, but mostly hard pack and some gravel areas. As we kept ascending, the group gets separated and strung out, it showed who are the mountain goats and the not so mountain goats. Oh well, I’m having fun… It is an easy trail as it is open as you can get the fire roads to be. It’s not technical at all, but it will test your legs and lungs… Hmmm, I think I am going to visit this area more often and see if I can match out with Jerry’s climbing.
As we reach the 6.5 mi mark at 1000 ft elevation mark, we stopped at the familiar HCC Road Ride water brake at the Inspiration Point at Wildcat Canyon Road. We stopped for a quick water break and mid-ride photo shoot. And we rolled again, and it ascended again for another 3 miles. As we hit the summit at almost 1200 feet, we were greeted by an awesome view of the Bay and the City. We were lucky it was clear as we can see as far as the SF city and the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped again for more photo shoot and more crazy antics. Somebody mentioned that this should be the real Inspiration Point. I agree…


Then Jerry mentioned; that is it for the climbing… Now it’s time to have fun! Meaning, we get our reward descending this hilly region of Wildcat. As so we did… As we bombed Conlon Descent, we were flying, at one point, I saw almost 30mph on this open fire trails. Wee! As bugs and fly’s gets stuck on my grills. This is fun time! I can just imagine the front of the pack where the elites are hammering it out. I’m sure they must’ve hit 40-50mph on this dirt descent. Specially with Diego, Rozel and Jerry duking it out at the front end. I’m at the tail end doing my sweeping duties, making sure all riders are safe… and it was over. It was a good medium distance downhill run, long enough to tickle my fancy, but not too long that it starts to hurt…

Next thing you know, we are back at the familiar looking trail, indicating we are heading back to where we started… Mile 11, 12 flattened out, a small steep bump at 12.5 mi, and by the time you know it we are at 13+ miles and we are back from where we started… Ride over…

2015-04-26 02.16.34 1

Regrettably fun times had to end as we cruised back to the parking lot where leftover coffee and donuts were waiting for us. Members feast on while conversing about the ride and future location. In the end, after 14 miles and over 1400 feet of climb, our inaugural HCC mountain ride was fun, successful and full of future growth!!

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