Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 04/11/2015 – Franklin Canyon – Three Bears Loop


What’s up HCC!

We had 11 riders roll out this chily Saturday morning out of Starbucks Hercules to do one of our favorite local routes, The Three Bears via Franklin Canyon and Pig Farm.  Great to see Bochie, Raul, and Archie back in the mix!


The group started out nice and steady.  We have Chris, Mario and Roger turn up the pace going up Hercules Hill and Rodeo.  After we’ve warmed up passing by the Refinery.  I picked up the pace to catch the three through Cummings Skyway.


We regrouped at the top of Franklin Canyon for a short bit to refuel.  We had a nice 5 man pace line going down Franklin Canyon.  Archie to set the pace on the first pull with me, Mario, Roger, and Ken behind.  It’s always exciting going down this road fast and furious!  Archie and Mario were beastin on their pulls!  All aboard the pain train!


At the regroup at the bottom of Franklin Canyon, we saw our friends at BBC rolling through!  Great to see y’all out on the road guys!  Archie headed back to fulfill his Daddy duties.

As we proceeded on to Alhambra Valley, I feel like this road, is great for conversation.  The gradual incline, false flat just makes you want to kick back and have a conversation, which we do all the time going through good ol’ Alhambra.

We start to quiet down as we approach Pig Farm, saving our energy for the short climb.  I always like pushing hard on this climb, short and sweet to be rewarded with a fast straight shot descent!


We regrouped at Bear Creek, where me, Bochie, and Roger headed back to Hercules due to time constraints / Daddy duties.


The rest of the group proceeded on with the route.  From what I’ve heard, everyone had a strong performance on the bears and SPDR.   Nice job guys!

Happy to report, no flat tires and no mechanicals, thank goodness!  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!

Next week, we have Danville Out n Back!  This one is always a good time!  So hope to see y’all then!


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