Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 04/04/2015 – Bridge to Bridge via Lake Herman

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Ride recap by Joey
Photos by Jonah and Chris B.
What’s cracking HCC!
A little chilly Saturday morning didn’t stop 9 (I can’t count I think its 9) hardcore HCC members from meeting up at the Starbucks in Hercules to take on a remix of the classic bridge to bridge loop.
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As we rolled out, Jonah beasted up San Pablo Avenue towards Rodeo like it was pancake flat leaving no doubt in anyones mind as to why his is the leader of HCC. Ron joined up as we ascended up to Vista Point to regroup so we could all descend and cross the Carquinez Bridge together into Vallejo.
10387394_10153304014600815_141295957582811585_n2015-04-04 03.17.12 1
Paulo, Ron and Ken lead us through Vallejo as we climbed Columbus Parkway and onto Lake Herman Road where we stopped at the Lake Herman Recreation Area to filled our bidons and admire Chris’ new saddle.
For those that haven’t ridden on Lake Herman its a quiet 2 lane road dotted with rollers for whom our resident wall climber Andy made short work of. Andy wasn’t even short of breath and carrying on full conversations as he climbed.
From Lake Herman we headed down E 2nd St towards Benicia where we decided we’d do a café stop in Martinez after crossing the Benicia bridge.
Stephen, Ron, Ken and Rigo lead the way through Martinez and to the Starbucks on Main St. But were wondering where the rest of the group was so began circling around the surrounding area but soon enough everyone found there way back to the same Starbucks where Archie made a guest appearance with his freshly painted RITTTTAYYYYYYYYY.
2015-04-04 03.40.08 1
With it getting later in the morning a few of us decided to forgo the café stop and head on back. While the rest of the group went to enjoy their espressos because that’s how you do a proper bike ride with HCC!
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See you next week as we ride The Bears x Franklin Canyon!
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